SR Suntour 2018 Auron Forks – First Look

I knew these Forks were coming and I’d been pretty excited about the prospect of them coming. So when the postie left a card saying a Large Box needed to be collected (Never rings the doorbell – scared of the dog- standard)  I didn’t hang about.


However on collecting the box (and it was indeed large) I was slightly disappointed that the box evidently didn’t contain suspension forks. Instead I assumed that my wife had ordered a few pillow cushions from John Lewis and specifically paid extra for a super-large box in order to sustain our  middle-class self-image (which had been faltering of late) and shout loudly to our genuinely middle class neighbour’ that we do indeed shop at John Lewis and shop big. Disappointingly as far as I could tell John Lewis didn’t get the memo and hadn’t printed their bold logo on the box so had completely destroyed any opportunity of us enjoying the self-satisfied level of smug only John Lewis shoppers know for a few days.

Before I’d had chance to email my fury at John Lewis for their failure I noticed a very small ‘SR Suntour’ logo on the postage label. Could it be? Could this pillow case-light box actually contain a set of forks? It absolutely did!

So what am I trying to say with this long winded waffle? The forks are crazily light. And that’s it essentially. 160mm, 275 enduro and All-Mountain burly forks at just 1895g.

The weight is no surprise however – the crown is made from a forged 7000 series Alloy and hollow constuction and the lowers are a Magnesium monocoque design so strength has not been compromised one bit but weight is at an absolute minimum. Stanchions are likewise a super strong 34mm 7000 series Alloy.

Key Info

  • PCS: RC2 Piston Compensator System
  • Wheel: 27.5″or 29″
  • Travel options: 120-160mm, 150mm, 160mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 34mm
  • Colour: White, Black gloss, Black matt
  • Axle: 15QLC-2Ti / 100x15mm
  • Weight: starting from 1896g

The front axle uses an expanding wedge style design, which twists and locks to remove it. It’s a clever little design that they have been using for a while and it is certainly satisfying to use although it does require a bit of practice to get it out with out any faff.

First Ride

So, after bolting them straight onto my trusty DMR Bolt I headed out to a local spot to give them a quick rip. Again, the most notable element for the first few pedal turns was the weight. The front end floated and popped with no effort whatsoever and brought my not in-considerably chunky steel Bolt to life.

Previous incarnations have been criticised for being over damped on low and high speed compression. My initial feeling is that Suntour have heard the criticism and have solved this issue on the 2018 fork. Certainly I couldn’t level that criticism at the fork on my first spin with them. In fact it had impressive levels of sensitivity on small bumps and combined with its low weight was super easy to pop and man handle over bigger obstacle and jumps on the trail.

Bearing in mind its price point the Auron is a pretty impressive fork on first impressions. It feels like a lot of fork for not a lot of money and when available will be a sub £500 fork.

I’ll be getting plenty of shred time on the Auron over the Autumn and Winter months.

Full review soon




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