Spiuk 15M SPD Shoes – First Look

Shoes can be quite a personal thing. Generally you choose your own and they reflect your style, personality and lively hood.  That’s not so easy to do in the mountain bike world as in the grand scheme of things there are not many options.  I had no problems this year as I didn’t have to choose some shoes, instead they chose me.


I have been living in Europe for a year now and the powers that be decided I was to go full ‘euro’ and race the EWS and Mega in the new Spuik 15m race shoes.  When I first saw them I thought ‘disco slippers’ and wasn’t overly keen on putting them on, after reading the blurb and instructions and seeing there technical inner beauty they started to grow on me.


Spuik are better known in the road and XC race market, producing some top quality eyewear, helmets and shoes. There MTB range is growing and we have had the chance to test the mid range 15m model. RRP £109.


Tech Specs:

The shoes come out the box with 2 pairs of inner soles, one thicker set for winter and a thinner set for summer, good thinking!

A heat moulded upper creates a great fit. Simply pop in the oven at 60 degrees for 5 mins then put them on your feet and in 30 mins you have a custom fitted shoe.

The breathable airing shell system really keeps the air flowing to the toes while the polyamide and glass fibre sole keeps things ridged and the weight down.


The most noticeable design feature on the 15m is the boa style fasting system. Taken from snowboard boots the system works really well ensuring an even and snug fit. The small knob works on a ratchet system that is connected to a single wire, this runs through re enforced eyelets and fastens by twisting in one direction.

Having spent some quality alpine time in the Spuiks I have got used to the snug feel of the shoes.  The sole is quite a bit stiffer than a DH style shoe which takes a bit of getting used to but feels good once it’s the norm.


These clip less shoes are aimed towards the XC side of things but with the growing need for light cross over equipment it will be interesting to see how they hold up to some heavy alpine abuse!

Look out for our long term review in the coming months.

Spiuk are distributed by Silverfish UK


Words and Photos – Oli Carter