SDG I-Fly 2.0 Saddle First Look

Take a seat ladies…. Let’s have a look at the SDG I-Fly 2.0 saddle and I-Beam seatpost shall we


The SDG i-beam is a simple but pretty unique take on how to secure your saddle in place. Just one single rail, and one single clamp bolt.

Length x Width: 257mm x 128mm
Weight: 155g
Light and strong technologically advanced with minimalistic design
Flat forward platform
Rear buzz-cut
Lightweight EVA foam
Lowered profile nylon glass base
2 piece cover with kevlar sides
I-Beam Technology –

Patented SDG Monorail Technology
Honeycomb Structure reduces weight
Micro fine-tuning for precision fit
Ultimate strength to weight ratio

RRP: £69.95


Fitting the saddle and seatpost was an absolute doddle. With the monorail design on the I-Fly there’s an infinite amount of adjustment available all the way up to both ends of the saddle and still keeping the same strength. Getting the seat angle right was easy as well, the rail on the saddle has sort of teeth that interlock with teeth on the seatpost head, so even with the single bolt that holds it all together loosened to angle the saddle it can still be gripped in place to stop it sliding forwards or backwards once you’ve got it where you want.


Both parts really feel of a high quality. Nice stitching and clever bits of plastic around the end of the saddle make it look and feel like a well thought out and durable product. And where you might think that a seatpost is just a seatpost, the I-Beam just seemed up there. Nice paint finish and no burrs from the factory, and a really nice big bolt to secure the saddle, just a bit more reassuring that you’re not going to round it off or snap it straight away.


Quick first impressions. I have to say I’m glad I’m not an enduro racer, (for many reasons…) or spending a lot of time in the saddle with this one. Not a hell of a lot of padding going on here. Light weight is definitely the name of the game!
We’ll see how it survives now it’s fitted to my Saracen, wait and see what happens on the race bike!



Words – Chris Cockrill
Photos – Rob Lewis