Rock Shox Pike RCT3 – First Look

The Rock Shox Pike has forged itself a solid reputation on the world stage as the go to fork for Enduro winners, as well as having a solid following among privateers and riders. Out of the box the forks just look stunning, and a really nice touch is the inclusion of a stealth graphics kit. I’ve got the 160mm travel 275 version on test, but there are also a plethora of 29″ and 26 versions from 120 to 160mm travel. There’s a simplified RC version available as well.


The RCT3 is built around a 35mm chassis with a 15mm maxle giving a stiff but not weighty package, at just over 1800g. External rebound, low speed compression and 3 position compression are all on hand, as well as the option to run internal tokens to reduce the air volume. Set-up is super easy, with recommended settings printed on the forks, and sag settings on the stantions.


The Charger damper and rapid recovery technologies have a great reputation, including the lockout which is totally independent of any other settings meaning that being able to lock out for climbs is totally separate to any other tuning you do.


These Pikes are going out front on this Winter’s trail bike, for a full thrashing. I’m also keen to get my head round the technology and tuning that can be done to get them running at their optimum.

RRP £949.99

Rock Shox

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