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The R160 is an extremely capable and confidence inspiring bike both on technical descents as well as steep climbs. The R160 has a fully customisable geometry which is created specifically based on a riders height, inside leg and arm span length or to suit a specific bike characteristic they desire. This is possible due to the carbon fibre tubings and titanium lugs created using Formula 1 technology that are put together to create the extremely light weight frame. This model has 160mm of travel and is specific to 275 wheels.



The R160 is capable of all forms of descending whether you’re riding trail centres or technical downhill tracks. The bike is always promoting the best out of your ability which is very reassuring when tackling sections outside of your comfort level. The combination of 275 wheels and 160mm of travel offers a very smooth ride especially in large compressions.

When the bike is ridden hard the bike really delivers an effective and efficient response from the suspension allowing for a very supple feel thanks to the DW6 suspension design. Cornering was also very impressive, promoting lots of confidence in the grip of the bike. The combination of the Low bottom bracket and Minion DHR II tyres made it possible to rail any corner in the way of the R160.

Frame Spec


The R160 does not climb like your usual enduro bike. It seems to fly up the steepest of climbs and doesn’t feel like you have 160mm of travel on board.

As well as being super fast, the R160 is loads of fun to ride. Whether your railing corners or showing off your manuals the R160 can do it all.

How do they build it?

The technology involved in building this unique bike is impressive.

To break it down into simple construction, the new R160 is built using two main materials. First is the additive manufactured Titanium joints of the bike followed by Carbon tubing. Joining forces with some global engineering companies Robot Bike Co have had some serious muscle behind them to create their finished product with some top knowledge and expertise which is out of reach for most starters in business.

Out of the magic machine comes 2500 layers of titanium dust hit by a precision Lazer to create the components.

We have seen carbon tubing bonded to lugs before in cycling, but it wasn’t until additive manufacturing came about that the lugs have been able to be produced allowing the tubing to slot inside bonding both sides of the material.

Each component is then meticulously worked over by machines to make sure the tolerances are spot on before machining out the bearing surfaces. There is no room for error here, every part will have been created perfectly.

So what’s so different about this frame? why is this manufacturing process so good?  The main point this boils down to is sizing.  Ed believes that sizing is one of the foremost important aspects to your own bike.  With many brands only offering just a few size options (because of carbon mould costings) can you really get a bike which fits you perfectly?  Ed doesn’t think so, so born is the idea of completely custom bikes from Robot Bike Co.

There is no small, medium or large option here.  No base model to create your choice from, this is a fully custom fit bike.

Using some impressive software based on the Robot website, Robot are able to a sieve through a whopping 225720 geometry alterations in just 20 seconds to build your bike specific for you.


So you want one (who wouldn’t?) how do you get one?

The process is actually really straight forward. Firstly to get a totally free no obligation Geo Spec, head here and you’ll be asked to input the details needed on the diagram below. Send it to them and boom they will email you a Geo Spec.

Lets talk cost, this isn’t cheap frame relatively speaking. But, and this is a big but; where can you buy a full custom sized, full suspension frame using materials like carbon and titanium. The answer is you can’t, so what do you compare it to? As an example look at a Trek Session Carbon frame, it retails at £4500 but comes in four sizes and has a limited warranty. Did I mention that Robot Bike frames come with a life warranty. Yep. LIFE!

‘Custom fit’ Frame Price for the R160 is £3,245.83 plus VAT

Should you get one?

Robot bikes have created a bike that is truly a work of genius and is exactly what the mountain bike industry has needed. The ability to completely customize the geometry is a brilliant feature that allows the bike to ride exactly how you want it which is very unique to create your perfect bike.

Who are Robot Bike Co?

Used to be quick. PhD, and Chartered Engineer with a taste for carbon and titanium. Ben has spent years as an aerospace engineer, materials scientist and inventor and is now putting all that to good use engineering our frames.

Dedicated to improving leisure through science. A lover of dirt, acceleration, wheels, people, dogs and music.

Inspiration for our company name, bike loving mechanical engineer with a sensible chip making sure all the tricky bits and pieces come together as they should.

Industrial designer, spent a career in F1 and aerospace developing additive manufacturing technologies. Now its time to apply those skills to something I love.

Frame builder, World Cup Downhill mechanic, Technical Editor at Dirt Magazine, Racer…Ed lives and breathes bikes and has done pretty much since the day he was born.

Product designer/CAD wizard/bike nut/problem solver, and with an impressive background in the aerospace industry Rob is a more than welcome first addition to the team.

For more information about the R160 visit the Robot bikes website

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