Production Privée Release New Shan nº5

Some say he has a bigger “pair” than Danny Hart…

・Some say his nights are wilder than Cédric Gracia…

・Or some say his hair cut his more impeccable than Greg Minnaar…

・Eventually some say he drinks more Monster than Sam Hill…

The Stig, ladies and gentlemen! The Stig has come in Andorra to test the Shan nº5!

After numerous negotiations with the Stig’s entourage (the Stig doesn’t talk), we eventually obtained its coming to Andorra to put to the test the Shan nº5 and its steel chassis! Actually, we wanted to meet him for a long time (the Stig is laconic)! So, on this special occasion, we built him a Shan nº5 Factory GTR and we agreed with the Andorran government on preparing a wonderful weather. Having a special bike at hand and without any raindrop insight, the Stig finally accepted to ride! And the video speaks for itself, the Stig was fast! Very, very fast!

We enjoy the test of Shan nº5 by the Stig to present our first range of complete bikes and our new rolling chassis option.

The Shan nº5 is our new full-suspension frame, entirely constructed from 4130 MCS CrMo steel. This is a play bike at its best! A trip up into the mountains? A ride out with your friends? A weekend playing in your favorite bike park? How about a round in your local Enduro race? The Shan N°5 can do all of that, easily excelling in each domain, for as long as you can ride! The Shan n°5 was developed so that its steel frame is able to absorb the trail profile thanks to finely controlled flex in its chassis. It is more tolerant & forgiving, offering increased confidence and more cornering grip. On top of that, a Crmo Steel frame is almost indestructible!

The Shan nº5 has 140mm of rear travel and it’s been designed for 140 to 160mm forks. The implement of a low damping ratio and a close work with Fox on shock settings gives the rider a feeling of having much more travel than it does while maintaining superb maneuvering and pedalling abilities. The Shan nº5 is compatible with 27.5” and 27.5+ wheels.



The Rolling chassis is a new concept at Production Privée, making the job easier for those looking at a custom build around a Shan nº5.
The Rolling Chassis comes with most important and essentials parts of the bicycle.

This gives you the opportunity to specs by yourself your favourite drive train, brakes, and saddle and to realize your dream bike! You can even take the components from your old bike, to save up some money in this quest!

An extreme attention to details was carried during the making of these rolling chassis!

Look at that. On the Shan nº5 GTR, the Fox logo metallic silver and black on the front fork and rear shock as well as the Stans No-Tubes logo on the wheelset, match perfectly the Shan nº5 Classic paint color!

On the Shan nº5 Factory JPS, the matt black and gold paint on the frame, match perfectly the Fox Factory suspensions. The Stan No-tubes wheelset has a custom gold logo as well as the SDG custom color saddle!

Two options are available:

Rolling Chassis GTR (Go To Ride) at 2799€ with Fox Performance series suspensions, Stans No-Tubes S1 wheelset.
Rolling Chassis Factory at 3499€ with Fox Factory suspensions and Stan No-Tubes MK3 wheelset.

Both rolling chassis comes with the superb telescopic post Bike Yoke Revive with its tool-free bleeding system.

To pick up all the information and specs on the Rolling chassis:

Quantity is limited, pre-orders are already open on nd availability is Mid November.


For the first time at Production Privée a range of three complete bikes around the SHAN Nº5 is offered for sale! We have made these bikes, simple, reliable and with a high level of performance.

Le Shan nº5 GTR, comes with a Fox 34 Performance series fork, a Fox Float Evol DPS Performance series rear shock and a 12spd GX Eagle. This is the first model of the range, pricing is 3499€

The GTR which stands for Go To Ride is a simple, efficient and reliable build allowing to face any kind of trail in any conditions. Suspension wise the GTR comes with Fox suspension Performance series offering three modes: open for downhills, trail for pedally trails and locked. Transmission wise the GTR comes with a 1x12spd GX Eagle a simple and reliable group allowing to face any kind of terrain, up or down.

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