Leatt six.five Neck Brace – Review

Leatt are synonymous with neck protection, and the six.five brace is their top end neck brace. Tom’s had it round his neck for plenty of crashes and brings us his thoughts.


The six.five is the 3rd Leatt brace I’ve had. a few years ago I had the DBX Adventure which was a bit bulky but comfortable enough. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have the five.five to test which was superb, much lighter and easier to adjust. With such a big leap forward in comfort and fit, I was wondering how they could step it up in this next generation of braces.

It only took a glance at Eurobike last year to see how… the thinness and weight saving are clear to see, with a “maxiweave” carbon fibre construction, saving a couple of hundred grams over the five.five brace.

TJL-01485 TJL-01484

All of the features of the five.five have carried over including the super-easy 3 way adjustment. Both the front and back supports move to tweak the fit, and the rear strut has three different rubber stoppers to fine-tune the angle that it sits against your back. The shoulder pads have several layers that can be added to again to sort the fit. At worst it’ll take you 15 minutes to get the fit right! Wearing it you have three options; straps under the arms, integration with the Leatt 3DF vest or jacket, or on it’s own. I’ve trialed all three and while the straps are unobtrusive, the integration with the vest is my favourite keeping it in place regardless of what I’ve been smashing into. The fit is tuneable enough that it’ll stay in place without any restraint, but if I’m putting the brace on, I’m putting some armour on!


All of the safety features we know and love can be found on the six.five including the emergency release on the left side. The opening is on the rider’s right and is easy to use, even with thick gloves. A big red button to press to release it, and a positive click lets you know that it’s on correctly mean there’s very little chance of not fastening it properly.


Out on track the six.five brace sits nicely in place and doesn’t rattle about at all. The lightweight construction means you can easily forget that you have it on, and it doesn’t interfere with head movement or visibility at all. After a year of abuse and soaking in mud, grit and sweat it’s still running sweet, all of the padding has stayed looking good. A few wipes with a damp cloth are all it’s taken to keep it fresh.

The internet appears to be bored with debating neck braces, perhaps the latest wheel size debates have attracted too much of the attention. Whatever your thoughts, if you are after neck protection the fact remains that the research is there, the comfort is there and the fit is there to make the six.five one of the best on the market.

Weight 620g


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