FULL REVIEW -KNOG PWR Trail & Road Lights

Knog are great at thinking outside the box, we have come to expect great things from them and these new lights are one of their latest offerings.

A few of us at Ride have had products from Knog before and haven’t been disappointed. They do a huge range of accessories for cycling and we’ve found their lights to be fantastic so that’s what we’re looking at here. A pair of lights from their new PWR range.

The PWR range offers a selection of cycling lights, with interchangeable batteries as Knog explain –

“PWR is a modular system of bike lights. Change your lighthead to be brighter. Change your battery to go longer. Charge your devices to do more.” – From www.knog.com.au


The batteries and different lamp units are interchangeable with each other. Allowing you to upgrade your battery for your current light, or visa versa. Maybe you just need another battery the same for your current light. The options are vast and it’s a fantastic system, allowing you to tailor your light set up to your needs. While the lamp units aren’t as powerful as some out there but the trail light still offers a very useful 1000 lumens.

Knog PWR Trail

  • Light Output – 1000 Lumens
  • Power Bank – 5000 mAh
  • Weight – 230g
  • Fits Handlebars – 22.2mm-31.8mm
  • Runtime – 2hrs @ 1000L/3hrs @550L/21hrs @ 80L/8hrs Pulse/14hrs Stobe/300hrs Eco

As with other Knog products, they come beautifully packaged. I know that doesn’t make a quality product but it doesn’t do any harm.

Knog PWR Road –

  • Light Output – 600 Lumens
  • Power Bank – 3350 mAh
  • Weight – 125g
  • Fits Handlebars – 22.2mm-31.8mm
  • Runtime – 2.3hrs @ 600L/6.1hrs @250L/23hrs @ 65L/8hrs Pulse/12hrs Stobe/195hrs Eco

The lights fit snugly under the bars, keeping them out of harms way (mostly). This also keeps the top of the bars for other gear should you want it, OS maps, reflectors, those types of things. The lights also have a simple battery level indicator on the side, not essential but a useful touch.

The lights come neatly packaged with a USB lead and a Micro USB lead. These allow you to charge the battery but then here’s the clever bit, also charge other items.

You can use the batteries as regular portable powerpacks, to keep your devices charged up on the go. Something we are becoming more and more reliant on these days.

As well being able to charge your phone, Knog are currently working on a range of other devices that will be able to use these batteries. Watch this space on these, we’ll bring you more when we have it….

Just as riding lights, these are great but considering the flexibility and the fact you can use the batteries as powerpacks for your other devices, these are fantastic. Another highly recommended Knog product!



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