Joystick Cockpit – Review

Joystick Cockpit

8-Bit Alloy Handlebars

The 8-Bit bars are billed as a race-ready bar for gravity riders. At 800mm wide they are on the money for me, with scope for trimming if you want to go a bit narrower. 9 degrees of back and 6 of up-sweep give a nice natural feel that can be further customised swapping between 20 and 38mm rise. On the scales they come in at just over 300g for the 31.8mm clamp version, with a 35mm option also offered. Both the black and silver colourways have arcade inspired graphics on them that add style, class, and at the controls, grip.

joystick bars

Builder Stem

The builder stem is a beautifully machined thing, with every shred of excess material trimmed away. The weight is just over 120g, totally fine for a hardcore rig.  A broad clamping surface is designed to spread the load, especially for carbon bars. The clamp bolts hold the faceplate from two directions which gives a really precise fit, and I’ve had no issues with the bars slipping, even smashing them into trees.

joystick 2

As a cockpit the bars and stem work seamlessly together, and provide a really definite ride feel as well as lending great styling to my bike.

Bars RRP £69.99

Stem RRP £79.99

Analog Saddle

The simple and nicely styled Analog saddle offers a hardwearing saddle for gravity racers who also want to sit down! The saddle is pretty wide, so suits people with wider sit bones, with a relatively broad channel at the back. Through the test it’s struck the balance well between hard wearing and comfortable, shrugging off scuffing and crashing into sharp rocks well. The stitching and edges are in good condition and while the graphics are rubbing a little, I do have pretty acidic bum-sweat! At £45 it also manages to strike a solid balance between price and performance.

RRP £44.99


Pictures – Rab Laws

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