ION Raid Amp Flat Sole Riding Shoes – First Look

We’ve had some good bits from ION recently, including the new 2018 Raid Amp, flat sole riding shoes. I’ve been very impress with ION’s gear so far, stunning good looks with performance to match. What more do you want? Lets see how I get on with these latest offerings…


The ION logo venting in the side isn’t just the for the looks, it also aids venting in the warmer months. Lets see how that works during the cold Yorkshire winter.

Sizes –

  • 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47.

To help protect your ankles from crank strikes, the inner side of the shoe is raised up, with a little extra padding. Some might not like this asymmetric feel but I find it quite supporting.

At only 400g per shoe (size 42), they’re good on the weight side of things, over 100g per shoe lighter than the first shoe a grabbed for comparison.

Features –

  • Jet Stream
  • Lace Ports
  • 2k Insole
  • Suptraction Rubber Soul
  • Ankle Pad
  • Toetal Protection
  • Pre-Shaped Heel

The soles feel good and stiff, but not too much like some other shoes I’ve tried. To help protect your toes from knocks on rocks, there’s a moulded ‘Toetal Protection’ up front.

Materials –

  • Upper – 80% PU, 15% Mesh, 5% TPU
  • Outsole – 30% Rubber, 70% EVA

As seen above, the heel and toe areas of the sole are shaped with ‘climb zones’ to maintain maximum traction while off the bike. This certainly seems like a good idea, I’m sure it’ll be put to the test in the Yorkshire winter.

Initial grip from the ‘SUP-Traction Rubber Soul’ feels good. In the short ride so far, I’d say it feels on a par with the popular brand we are all aware of.

If you’re not of the flat pedal persuasion, ION also do the Rascal, a clipless alternative to the Raid.

Obviously riding and reviewing gear wouldn’t be right without the new trail pup.

Price – 

  • £89.99



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