ION Neo Winter Gloves – Review

With the cold weather at the moment, it seemed like a great time to wrap up the review on these great winter gloves from ION. I’m a big fan of ION gear, it both looks spot on and performs well too. I’ve had these Neo gloves on test for a while now and they’ve been great. With ION coming from a watersports and wetsuit background you’d be right to expect this mostly neoprene (hence the name) gloves to be good, you’d be right.

First thing that impressed me is that they aren’t huge bulky affairs like winter gloves of yesteryear. These are light, give great freedom of movement and you get lots of feel through the bars.

Materials –

  • Neoprene 58%
  • Nylon 42%

Sizes – (size chart available on ION website)

  • XS, S, M, L, XL

Riding in the winter can be touch going, not only because it gets cold but also wet. All that rain and mud can seriously impede your ability to hold on to the bars properly, you don’t want your hands slipping off at a vital moment. The silicone printing on the palm and fingers goes a long way to helping with that, I still had a few sketchy moments but sure it would have been worse in lesser gloves.

Features –

  • Tatex Seams
  • Long John Sleeves
  • S Type Neoprene

The seams are taped using the same sealing technology used in their wetsuits. This helps with the robust feel of the gloves and also aids the weather sealing. 

As you can see above, the neoprene cuffs come along way up the wrist, helping to keep you warm and to keep the drafts out. It does work, I’ve been out riding well into the minus figures and still had toasty hands. What more do you need?

Price – £59.95.

Photos – Chris Lazenby

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