DMR Bolt L – First Look

DMR have been at the forefront of the UK dirt jump industry for 18 years, so when they announced they were producing a full suspension frame it got many die hard tail fans pretty excited. I think I speak for all of us when I say that a DMR was the dream bike as a kid, some were luckier than others…. I have had to wait till now to get my first taste of the company but boy has it been worth it.


The DMR Bolt started life as a slope style bike developed by the DMR team, it was DMR’s first venture into a full suspension ride. The Bolt L came along this year with a longer front end to enable DMR to keep up with the growing Trail bike market. Lengthening the bike enables it to be more stable at speed and sets you up in a better pedalling position when the saddle is up.


The frame specs look good on paper with the 4130 Cro. Mo. Steel frame boasting 125mm of travel via the X-fusion vector hlr air shock (an upgrade from the stock X-fusion 02 rl), a tapered head tube, 68 degree head angle, adaptable ‘swapout’ dropouts, Isg05 tabs and dropper post cable routing. The suspension works via a single pivot on ultra high load spherical bearings around the BB, a system that I have never experienced before. A swing link joint above the shock has been added for increased rigidity and supports the single pivot. The only problem I have had was finding a dropper post to fit the small 27.2 seat post, luckily a few companies cater for the small size.


As soon as I picked this frame up I knew it was going to be a fun filled single-track slayer. The colour schemes are amazing with the frame available in Matt black, blue and yellow making it stand out wherever you ride.


My first ride of the Bolt L was the qualifying track at the Mega, nothing like jumping in at the deep end. With 20mm less rear travel than I am used to I was excited to see how the Matt blue ‘Smurf bike’ would hold up in the unforgiving Alpine environment. I was very surprised how bottomless it felt for a short travel bike, running a 170mm fork up front I thought it would feel unbalanced, not in the slightest. That first blind run down a 20 min DH track was so much fun and I felt up to speed immediately………. This bike absolutely rips!



I have been riding and racing the Blot for just over one month in the alps, I have climbed and descended some big mountains on it and I’m really struggling to wipe the smile off my face.

Keep your eyes peeled for our long-term review on this short travel ‘do it all’ bike. I predict that it will read something along the lines of……
Steel bikes rule, Carbon sucks, 26-inch wheels for life, off the Richter scale, Fun for miles, sideways is forwards…………
I think you get the jist.

RRP £899 with X Fusion RL

RRP £1099 with X Fusion Vector Air HLR

Words – Oli Carter
Photos – Oli Carter


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