#RideItOut at Antur Stiniog – BDS #6

And before you know it, our season is over. Almost. Follow the Ride.io team as they head to the final round of the 2015 British Downhill Series at Antur Stiniog.

It’s been a successful year for the Ride.io team with attendance at all the BDS rounds, National Champs, many regional races and World Cups.  We sat back and relaxed fo the final round of the BDS at Antur Stiniog and it did us proud.  here are a few flashy images of the riding for Sarah Barrett and words for the team themselves.

Ant Jones – Expert
“I felt pretty chilled out coming into the final round as I’ve not really had much time to ride over the last year due to having a baby so didn’t feel too much pressure. I did want to get a good result though as racing hasn’t gone well for me recently. The atmosphere in the team pits was amazing and the weather was awesome so that made for a great Saturday practice. After a good laugh with the team Saturday night I woke Sunday morning feeling good. I had a chilled seeding run and a pretty solid race run. Came away with 19th in expert and with all things considered I’m super happy with!”


Ant Jones


Ant Jones

Ant’s big into his GoPro and little edits.  So here is a little insight from his eyes on the final round of the BDS.


Ant Jones

Ant Jones

Ant Jones

Ollie Crosdil – Junior
“The track set out for the last BDS of the year was a good one, being wet an rocky on the Saturday it was an enjoyable experience but challenging to say the least, as I found out on my 3rd run. Crashing on a high speed section and hurting my wrist meant I couldn’t compete unfortunately.”


Ollie Crosdil


Ollie Crosdil

Rob – Team Manager
It’s been a fantastic experience having Ollie on the team for 2016.  Rugby has been a massive love for Ollie and for 2016 his goals are going to be set there.  We wish him the best of luck with his opportunities in Rugby, see you soon Ollie!

Fergus Ryan – Expert
“This season has been pretty full on this year but to finish with nature and such a great track made it all the better, Loved the track and got pretty wild on race day and my results have been getting better so its good to end on a high , a massive thanks to Ride.io and all our sponsors for the support throughout the season.”


Fergus Ryan


Fergus Ryan


Fergus Ryan


Fergus Ryan

Emyr Davies – Elite
“This weekend was an important race for me, I grew up around these parts and a lot of my family came up to watch the race. I even used to work in the slate quarry across the road from antur! The weather was cracking on Saturday, its not often you get to ride antur when its that dry! But sunday the clouds came in, to be honest I was quite glad it rained, it made things way more interesting for racing, some bits of the track were so slick!. I had a cracking run in finals, it was all going to plan, I even slowed down more than usual for the last turn, then as with the finish line in sight I shifted up a few gears and went for one last sprint. The power of my beastly legs must have been too much for my poor chain and cassette and the chain slipped, pedal hit the floor, shot me off straight into the crash barriers! I was happy with a podium, but who knows what I could have came if not for the barrier wall ride at the end! A huge thanks to the team who’s supported me the whole season. And a special mention to my girlfriend who does way more than any average girl ever would for me! Thanks.”

Check out the sequence of photographs above of Emyr’s slam into the barriers on the final corner


Emyr Davies


Emyr Davies


Emyr Davies


Emyr Davies


Emyr Davies


Emyr Davies



Meinir Siencyn – Ride.io Videographer and Emyr’s better half!












Images by Sarah Barrett Photography.