BUSA Student Champs 2007


Some scottish git was nice enough to a report on a race I couldn’t enter. Yep those non washing Tesco Value loving folk took on the rocks at Dunkeld, oh and one of them decided to sit in a fire, nice!


“I can see why you were pissed off last year” were Paddy’s words when the Dundee uni Team met up with him, Stood at the top of the downhill course taking in the incredible altitude and scenery, I think it impressed him.  This set the wheels rolling for what in my eyes was going to be the best Busa in my time at university.

The course wasn’t the normal set up for a Busa, generally they are quite tame and ridable by everyone from beginners to the elite. But from the offset this course was taking no prisoners and it was made clear on the internet that this was the case, But still a lot of people arrive with no idea what to expect and were hoping that the 10-15 hour drive from the south of England in a clapped out bus was going to be worth it. With a field of 250 dh riders entered and nearly the same again in the XC many clearly thought it was a risk worth taking.


Some of Dunkeld’s many rocks

The track and weather for the Friday and Saturday were outstanding really couldn’t have been any further away from last years snow, gales and flat course and almost everyone I saw had a smile on their face and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Once the marshals were herded up and the buses and cattle trucks were loaded (thanks Dee and Tally (Ae-up) practice began, I was the last person off the first truck and so got onto the course last, this made it clear just how unexpected the course was to everyone, round the first corner to the rock chute and there was severe pile ups and people crippling themselves not knowing how to tackle such a steep and rocky decent.  I thought this was a sign of the weekend to come , red flags and hospital trips, thankfully this wasn’t the case and most people rode within there limits with notable exceptions , Warwicks mans badly bruised pelvis and knackered rotator cuff , the guy who got his brake lever in his leg and Dan Rootes knocking him self out.


Watching riders in practice the usual lot were flying and on top form (Cardiff, Swansea, Bath and Edinburgh as well as many individual riders) notably Carl Watson from lufbra was looking particularly smooth on his Hardtail in the DH on a very Un-hardtail friendly course. Come race day it was the standard 1 and 2 from Dan Stanbridge and Phil Shucksmith with Edinburghs Adam Stanyer in third. The team results gave Cardiff 1st place followed by Bath and Swansea a notable effort for 4th place and top Scottish university goes to Edinburgh.


Dan Stanbridge – Mojo Bath University

With the course being as steep as it is there was still a very good turn out for the ladies Dh but with Bristol uni being the only team with a full team we need more girls to race next year. Sue Mahony put in a blinding time of 3.20 a time which would have put many of the males to shame! To retain her title ….surely its time for her to leave uni soon. 2nd and 3rd came in the form of Wendy Chambers and Rachael Robinson.


Sue Mahony – Studies Rocks or something at Bath University, second win on the bounce

Now who’s the guy who won’t be sitting down for the next couple of weeks … STAND UP ED DAVIES. Let this be a lesson to you kids, don’t play with fire when drunk , Ed now has 7% burns on his buttocks after falling in the fire , Thanks to the Edinburgh guys for hauling him out.  Also, he who starts fire with petrol from the can provides much hilarity on the uplift the words “its not funny don’t laugh” were heard after someone set there trousers on fire trying to restart a fire in the morning

Sunday saw the XC race take place thanks to the hard work put in by Gordo and Charlotte of Dundee uni and the Edinburgh boys to get a track in place for the race. Now I heard a few people say that “its not race worthy there’s no passing places” but I heard “awesome venue with awesome courses” a lot more. The course consisted of a Fire road climb to the highest point it then lost altitude quickly more or less taking a straight but technical descent between the fire roads where I witnessed a lot of carnage. This took you to a traverse along a fire road onto technical single-track with off camber roots and rock bridges, being careful not to fall off the cliff on your left hand side. Back up onto another fire road then down the last section of the downhill (it wouldn’t be a busa event without this would it?) Sport was won by Dan Stanbridge who took an early lead pulling away from yours truly with relative ease, his team mate Vincent Leonard taking second and Ed Roberts of Bangor taking third. First placed singlespeed on my 29inch wheeled bike was me with a respectable 9th place

In womans sport Xc the field mostly consisted of those who had done the Dh the day the day before, with Lizzi Gath taking first place(I think ….results aint all that clear)  from Helen Markland and Ali Mckerrow bringing home third place

Mens champs was a fast event with the top guys doing laps of the course in 21 minutes and averaging 23mins per lap for 4 laps. Ross Adams took the win for in what most of the riders I spoke to, “a race that was over before it began” with the course apparently suiting Adams technique. With Robert Friel and Anthony salmon bringing in second and third places

Again in there distinctive green kit Leeds they took home first placed team in the XC champs AGAIN  followed by the guys from Edinburgh with a strong team and another good performance from the guys at Swansea in what proved to be a good medal hauling weekend for them

Overall the Weekend was a success and apart from a few euro roadies and some people who agreed they had bitten off more than they could chew with the dh Everyone seemed happy especially the campers with there plentiful supply of fire wood to play fire in the hole with.

Big thanks to Paddy , Jacqui ,the guys from Extreme medical , Gordo , Charlotte , Tally , Dee , you lot for coming and anyone else involved in making it an excellent weekend all round

See you all in 08 for more carnage!  Bring your mates along! Although can we please have students only again next year before all and sundry want to race and the students don’t get to race their own race…

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