Bikeworks 2 – English Champs 2012

The 2012 English Championships were held at the infamous Moelfre track near Oswestry in Wales. Moelfre is renowned for being a fast and challenging track, with a large portion of the track needing you to be off the brakes and 100% committed. It’s one of my favourite tracks for that very reason; the sheer speed of it makes it a joy to ride.

Will Soffe –

The track was slightly different to the usual national track, with some tricky off camber corners at the top on the grass, missing out the quarry and then leading you through the number of corners into the first two main obstacles, the jumps. The first step down was as normal but the second jump was taped so the landing was to the left rather than the right. The take off was good and it sent you perfectly to the landing. This went into a few tight corners into the old track which sent you down across the fire road and into the traverse. Usual track proceedings carried on and then into the 4x jumps, through the two big berms and into the finish. The finish was straight out from the last berm rather than curving round the fence a little. This created less of a pedal and used the field better as there was more space for campers and visitors. Good to see some thought put into the finish rather than just trying to make the track a certain length.

Weather and track conditions were a mixed bag. Saturday the track started off damp and greasy with it proving pretty difficult to get much a rhythm going while riding due to the tricky conditions. Cut down spikes were the order of the day, spikey enough to cut through the grease but solid enough to remain stable under the high corner speeds of Moelfre. The weather changed towards the end of Saturday and it started to rain, but not enough to really change the track too much. Saturday evening entertainment was taken care in the form of a bar and some good music with a fair few people getting pretty wild! This is what racing is all about, riding bikes and having fun. (Btw whoever was selecting the tunes, you have good taste! Great to hear some proper music not the usual rubbish coming from a certain energy drink’s speakers…)

Billy Mathews

As Sunday morning came around the track really came into its own and got back to how Moelfre should be, fast and grippy. As racing came around there were minimal hiccups and everything went smoothly. Some fast times were put down in the first run, but as second runs came about the heavens opened and it rained. This made it extremely difficult to improve on your first runs and it gave a good idea of the final results. Not many went faster in their second run except for a few notable skilled riders, or the riders who had problems in their first run.

My only one criticism for the weekend was that the communication between the start and the uplift could have been better. If the start knew there was 30 min delay, it would be much easier to say this at the bottom to stop people getting to the top and having to sit around in the cold. I also know that Mike had a nightmare on the Saturday when 7 marshalls did not turn up in the morning. A huge well done to Mike for doing extremely well to sort this unforeseen problem out and keep the event running. If you sign up as a marshall please go through with it! The whole event relies on you! You’ll have 300 angry riders knocking on your door otherwise!
And finally this race MUST have broken some records when it came to the number of girls racing! Thanks to a few individuals being pro-active and GirlMTNbiker, a total of 32 girls turned out! Good to see more girls having a go at racing and hopefully it’s the start of something new.

Sam Boardman –


Elite Men
1st – Harry Molloy
2nd – Will Soffe (
3rd – Dave Smith

Expert Men
1st – Guy Gibbs ( – Fastest time of the Day 2.27.02
2nd – Jay Williamson
3rd – Alex Moss

Juvinille Men
1st – Charlie Hatton
2nd – James Purvis
3rd – Kyle Harvard

Youth Men
1st – Callum Harvard
2nd – Dan Farley
3rd – Will Weston

Will Soffe sending it! –

Junior Men
1st – Billy Mathews
2nd – Joe Mallinson
3rd – Bill Farrington

Senior Men
1st – Jonny Howe
2nd – Sam Boardman (
3rd – Chris Field

Master Men
1st – Craig Taylor
2nd – Nathan Cavaliar
3rd – Will Gough

Sam Boardman second in Senior –

Vet Men
1st – Jon Cobb
2nd – Pete Little
3rd – Ian Saunders

Hardtail Men
1st – Richard Acott
2nd – Ash Brown
3rd – Adam Lyons

Junior Women
1st – Emma Whitaker
2nd – Charlotte Hughes
3rd – Lauren Beaty

Senior Women
1st – Rosie Smith
2nd – Jenna Woodruff
3rd – Traharn Chidley

Master Women
1st – Hannah Maehn
2nd – Kath Pickard
3rd – Lucy Newman

Full results can be found at Roots and Rain

Words – Sam Boardman, 2nd place in senior (
Images – David Law ( & Sarah Barrett (Roots & Rain)

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