Watch – Bike Tech Breakdown – Luca Shaw

Join Jordi Cortes from FOX and Luca Shaw to learn why Jordi hates knobs, what Luca wants from his suspension, and who spends the most time puzzling in the pits.

World Champs Bikes 2018

The one-off customs for World Champs have started rolling in. Check out some of these unique machines (Updated!)

Watch – Nukeproof Killing it at Crankworx

The Nukeproof crew arrived at Crankworx mob-handed - Sam Hill, Elliot Heap, Kelan Grant, Nigel Page, Jackson, Davis, & Luke Cryer arrived with domination in mind!

Watch – Downhill Vs Animals!

Yep, you read that right. Downhillers Vs Animals is our favourite video of the week. Who wins? there's only one way to find out --

Fox Introduces ‘Live Valve’

Technology straight from Formula 1(active suspension) Live Valve automatically adjust suspension and shocks as the terrain changes. Clever stuff.

Watch – How to Brake with your Face effectively

Sometimes you have to stop immediately, without delay, without any lag, you just have to STOP and the best brakes in the world won't cut it. That's why using your face is the only way to stop. Bit like this....
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