World Champs Wrapped

The new champ. He has without doubt silenced his critics. Four wins on the trot and another World Champs crown. He’s no fluke and despite his quiet and diminutive manner there is no doubt that he lets his riding do all the talking and this year it has spoken louder than anybody else. Good job Danny.

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That run. Immense.

One of the rumours that has been bubbling along for a while is the destination and intentions of everyone’s favourite lunatic, Josh “Ratboy” Bryceland. During the commentary of his run, commentator Claudio Caluori said he had been chatting with Josh, and that he was not planning on racing next year. His reason was that the endless flying around the world was terrible for the environment. This comes not too long after Norco’s Harry Heath announced similar intentions. To make such a statement shows a real maturity beyond riding bikes, and while it’s disappointing to hear we won’t be enjoying his wild style, you have to admire his stand-point. I doubt it’s the last we’ve seen of the Rat.

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We don’t know what to say about Rachel that hasn’t already been said. In fact there isn’t much anyone needs to say about her. All the superlatives in our vocabulary wouldn’t do her year justice. She is without doubt a superior rider and the rest of the Downhill World needs to up its game to try and stop her unbelievable dominance.

There was definitely a universal gasp of horror from onlookers and TV viewers the moment Manon hit the deck. It was a frightening looking crash for the Saracen pilot but she is confident it’s just a broken Collar Bone so she’ll be back on it ready to fight again in 2017. Heal up fast Manon.

We were equally shocked to see Elliot Jackson being carted off on a stretcher. It’s not a sight we ever want to see at a Downhill race but thankfully Elliot is absolutely fine. Other than being battered and bruised he’s in one piece and we, along with everyone else who witnessed him being stretchered off on Sunday are relieved to get that piece of news from the man himself

Helloooooo!! I’m alive!! I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to everyone, but, somehow other than being really sore, I’m totally fine!! I would have rather not had the biggest crash of my life, but I’m super super proud and thankful of the way I rode that race, how I’ve been riding lately and that I was able to walk away from that! Thanks everyone for all the encouragement this year and the messages and people in the pits asking if I was alright. Definitely means a lot. Couldnt be happier for @bernard_kerr and the homies on some insane results this weekend! Stoked for a good off season and a great 2017!! Onward and upward baby!! Thanks everyone!! @jarrettkolichfitness @bardolph_kerr @veroniquesandler @interrobangmotionpictures @pivot_cyclesusa @flyracingusa @maxxistires @raceface604 @reynoldscycling @fox @btosports @girocycling PC: @duncanphilpott

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Bernard Kerr, good show. Coming to the World Champs as first reserve must play with the head, when your time came after missing the first day of practice you did more than just step up to the mark. 5th spot and what can only be described as a mindless whip off one of the most dangerous jumps in the course, hats off to you.

Brook Macdonald went down hard. Really hard. But unlike the old adage of ‘dust yourself down and get back up again’ He bypassed the dusting down bit, turned the rotation of the fall into a swift move back onto the bike and simply carried on like the nothing had happened.

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