Transition – Redefining Categories with Giddyup Bikes

The 2015 Transition lineup features four new models with different wheel sizes and distinctly different characteristics to suit a variety of riders, regions and trails.

GiddyUp Bikes Press Release from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

-PATROL (27.5″ Wheelsize, 155mm Rear Travel/160mm Front Travel)
-SUPPRESSOR (26″ Wheelsize, 155mm Rear Travel/160mm Front Travel)
-SCOUT (27.5″ Wheelsize, 125mm Rear Travel/140mm Front Travel)
-SMUGGLER (29″ Wheelsize, 115mm Rear Travel/130mm Front Travel)

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When we set out to design the new family of bikes, we wanted to improve our suspension pedaling and braking performance, but we didn’t want to lose the neutral and comfortable feel that Transition Bikes are known for. No one at Transition wanted a suspension system that felt like it was locking out, or provided any “kick back” in the pedals. We also wanted to maintain the lively feel that makes a Transition fun and easy to ride. Our Giddy Up link is carefully tuned with just the right amount of chainstay growth at all points in the travel. The chainstay growth is highest near sag to keep you moving forward when you get on the gas. but it decreases deeper in the travel so you never feel the drivetrain fighting the suspension. Hop on a Giddy Up bike and you will feel at home immediately. Lively when you pedal, smooth in the rough stuff, and ready to boost off any kicker in the trail.


Our new models are designed to be active while climbing; increased compression damping or lockout settings are strictly optional with the Giddy Up link. With the shock open, the suspension remains free to smooth out the trail, improve traction and control without sacrificing efficiency. There is no need to think about flipping switches; you can start your ride with the shock open and leave it there. With Giddy Up you can focus on the trail, not your remotes, levers or knobs. Just grab your bike, Giddy Up and go.



Progressive Geometry – Long, Low and Slack
Giddy Up Link Suspension
Integrated Rubber Chainstay Protection
Collet Style Main Pivot Hardware
ISCG05 Chainguide Mounting On All Models
Low Direct Mount Front Derailleur Support (Excluding Smuggler)
Syntace X12 Rear 142mm Axle
Post Mount Rear Brake Mount
31.6mm Seatpost Supports 150mm Reverb
New Universal Transition Derailleur Hanger and Pivot Kit
Full Size Water Bottle Fits Inside Front Triangle
User Friendly 73mm Threaded Bottom Bracket
Internal Cable Routing, Including Stealth Seatpost

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