As the saying goes if you want something doing right, do it yourself. That’s exactly what Oli Carter has done this winter, setting up a new team on a new bike with some grand ideas.

“Sometimes you need to take a step back and re think why we do things. I ride my bike every day because I love it and I have been lucky enough to ride and race all over the world. Now that I’m based back in the UK with a young family, a growing business and a mortgage you would think all of that would be over but fate has dealt me a different hand and for this year I have the support from the best local companies around, they believe in me and my crazy ideas and are letting a young(ish) man live his dream…”

‘I can’t thank Southern Enduro, Identiti bikes, USE, Exposure lights, 661 and my wife enough for their support for this year, it really is going to be a blast. See you trail side!’

Keep your eyes peeled for Oli’s new video series ‘Pro for a day’ set to be released in a month’s time.

You can keep up to date with Oli on Instagram and Facebook:

Instagram – www.instagram.com/oj_carter/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/olijcarter

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