Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Photographer Joby Newson was out for an end-of-day shred at Dyfi Forest. We’ll let Joby take up the story…

So I was riding in the Dyfi forest, I’d been busy all morning so was in a mad rush to meet mates for a quick ride at the end of the day. On a pretty techy bit of trail I came over a decent sized drop too slowly and washed out my front wheel. Not a massive crash but on the left was a bank of Dyfi shale which sliced me right open.

First I was just panicking to get out of the way because two boys were following me and I was in the way, then I noticed my arm was opened up… like completely opened up! I Grabbed two jerseys off my mates to tie tourniquets because there was blood spraying out of a little blood vessel!

Luckily we weren’t far from the cars so a mate drove me to Aber hospital where A&E took one look and laughed and said there was no way they’d be able to do it and I’d need surgery

I was in overnight and had surgery in the morning. They got it done in one, which was awesome because they said I might have needed at least two operations or even a skin graft.

They cleaned all the grit out and closed it up layer by layer22 stitches on the outside and who knows how many internally! Missed all the important stuff so it’s only muscle damage. Another few mm and it would have gone through the tendons

So I’m just in hospital for a few days while they monitor it for infection and keep me on IV antibiotics. I feel pretty lucky. It could have been much much worse!

Photos and Story –  Joby Newson jobynewson

Riding Photos courtesy of Jo Heard life in_raw

Heal up quick Joby!



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