Review- Marin B17-“A Hooligan that’s #MadeForFun”

We take a look and at the new Marin B17.
Words / Tester / Voice Ray Andrews
Marin b17 2018 Review
Audio Interview-

The Marin B17 is a familiar model name in the Marin back catalogue. It’s gone from full suspension with mega cool high 5s to an agro hardtail to another new genre- Mid travel Plus bike.

The new Marin B17 mixes up modern geometry, Mid travel and plus tyres to create a up to date take on this trail hooligan. The first ride changed everything and I wanted to get some miles in the saddle to see what this bike could really do.
Marin b17 2018 Review

#MadeForFun- Does what it says in the tin here. The b17 has been a blast. It just always puts a smile on my face when we ride together, (“we” as in me and the bike-Its complicated).Marin b17 2018 Review
The B17 comes in 3 different models all using the same travel with 130mm front and 120mm rear, utilising Marin’s Multi Trac suspension platform and series 3 6061 double butted and hydroformed aluminium front triangle
Marin b17 2018 Review

Neat Cable routing on the frame.
Marin b17 2018 Review Clean metal.
Marin have brought the B17 up to date with longer reach, 67 degree head angle and the ability to run 650+ or 29″ boost wheels.Marin b17 2018 Review
The components used on the b17 3 are impressive for a bike just shy of £3k
Pikes Up front keep things well under control.
Shimano SLX  brakes are more then adequate and the Sram GX Eagle Drivetrain is great for those big climbs
Marin b17 2018 Review
Marin have the back end grip dialed and suspension progression sorted. Using the multi-trac system plus the Rockshock super deluxe rct3. The thing’s an animal.
The B17-3 on test comes in at £2900 RRP.

The ride
Marin b17 2018 Review I have history with plus bikes as I ride a plus hardtail regularly and knew what to expect from the tyres. But what struck me first with the B17 was the slightly steep head angle, being more accustomed to the ever trending slacker angles it did throw me briefly.  But once you get over the fashion, hit the reset button the B17 opens up a whole new level of fun. This thing is like a jump bike that you can plough into rocks land out of control and then find the next take off  whether it be a kicker, root or small child, the B17 loves making you ride in a giggly fun way!
Marin b17 2018 Review Stunning looks make this one of the nicer looking Marin Bikes too.

We tested a size Large, Im 5’10 and it fitted me well. A bit on the small side if you wanted to win races but this is not what this bike is meant to be for!

Marin b17 2018 Review
Places where I would normally feel the pin-ball effect on the rough stuff it felt composed. The bigger drops and jumps felt like I was on a much longer travel bike.-The advantage of plus tyres and suspension.
This new found confidence led straight to some local DH tracks that you wouldn’t normally take a short travel bike too. The B17 was a blast! Tracking the ground well to allow those meaty plus tyres to do their thing..
Marin b17 2018 Review
A real wolf in sheep clothing..

I thought hard about what  category this bike is, but there’s no real option.  Its a trail/plus bike that feels like a jump bike and takes stuff like an all mountain with the grip and pedal efficiency of a XC bike… so I’ll just have to call it a really Sick mountain bike. Like the badge says “Made For Fun”

Marin b17 2018 Review

A bike you can point at what you want and it will match your efforts. A bit of a weapon in anybody’s hands!
I’ve done some big miles now and I’ve yet to be disappointed there’s not one part on the B17 3 I would change.

Would I own one?

Hell yes!

Marin b17 2018 Review
“We’ve developed a bit of an emotional relationship”

Marin b17 2018 Review

Giving it back is going to be like having a bit of my soul taken away and I’m probably going to have to buy one or go on the run with this one…. We’ve Developed a bit of an emotional relationship..

If £2900 for the B17-3 is too much of a stretch.
The Marin B17 comes in builds 1 and 2 at an RRP of £1800 and £2300 respectively. So there is an option for  you to get in on the action and upgrade as you go.

Here’s official Video of the Marin B17

2018 Marin B-17 from Marin Bikes on Vimeo.

Find out more on the Marin B17 range- CLICK HERE

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