PR – Specialized Introduce the new Eliminator Tyre

We’re rolling out a new tire, the Eliminator. While it’s a versatile, all-around gravity tire, the Eliminator is especially at home on loose and aggressive trails. In a sense, Eliminator fills the gap between the Butcher (harder, compacted soils) and the Hillbilly (loose and wet soil).

If you want to call that “enduro”—go ahead. The Eliminator, after all, rolls up to speed easily and absolutely slays on rowdy, chunder-filled tracks. Or you can ditch the buzzword-of-the-day and just think of the Eliminator as an excellent choice for rides when you’ll need a ton of braking control and cornering grip.

Let’s start with the tread. The Eliminator combines a distinct row of shoulder knobs with smaller center blocks. The center blocks are arranged evenly to bite in soft soil, but they also help with straight line-to-corner transitions. Carefully-shaped transition knobs between the center blocks and the aggressive shoulder knobs also give the Eliminator a smooth and predictable feel when you lean hard into a corner at high speeds. You get lots of grip and a clear sense of how far you can push the Eliminator before drifting commences.

Riders need traction, but they also need fast-rolling tires. That’s why we developed a specific GRIPTON tread compound that delivers excellent traction by better conforming to the trail. This compound also helps the tire roll fast, given the tread blocks’ ability to return to their original, un-deformed state with surprisingly little friction. The stuff is sticky and fast.

Eliminator comes in two casings. GRID is your trail casing, as it’s light and supple but burly enough to handle rock gardens. BLCK DMND takes it a step further with more heavily-reinforced sidewalls that help it to blur the line between our GRID and DH casing, while letting you ride DH tracks on a trail bike.

Eliminator is available in both GRID and BLCK DMND casings in the following sizes:

27.5 x 2.3” | 27.5 x 2.6” | 29 x 2.3” | 29 x 2.6”

From £50 / $70 USD for the BLCK DMND casing and £40 / $60 USD for the Grid casing

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