In 2015 we released the original Calibre Bossnut, the first real contender in the sub £1000 full suspension category, with reviews to back it up.

“10/10. Cons? None that we can think of.”—MBR
“5 stars. Totally resets the meaning of value.”—BikeRadar

We went back to the drawing board in 2017 and refined the geometry and spec, pushing our already high standards further still. The Bossnut v2 was born and went down a storm with the mountain bike press.

“Astonishingly good value… the geometry is bang up to date.”—Singletrack
“Sorted suspension, bang-on-the-money geometry, under £1,000. In the mountain bike world, this is a hugely, hugely important bike.”—Dirt
“Add a single ring, budget dropper post, and some grippier rubber to this bike and you might think you were riding something that cost three, four, or even five times the price.”—Pinkbike

For 2018 we’ve taken on board all the feedback from the last few years and put together a spec package to address every upgrade suggested by reviewers and customers alike. Introducing, the Calibre Bossnut Evo, available now for £999 at GO Outdoors with £10 international shipping.

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Photos: Sam Taylor
Video: Escapade7

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