Place your bets – UKGE Round #1


Bryceland, Cunningham, Simmonds, Stuttard, Payne, Dale, our very own Ems Davies and more. So many who could potentially grab the win next weekend at Inners. We’re going to take a look at our top picks. Place your bets!

Josh Bryceland- 50/01 man who always styles it up for the crowd. It will be a pleasure to see Josh giving her some on home ground. Performance wise the lad’s got so much skill, and Inners short tracks might suit his more chilled approach to racing these days.

Ruaridh Cunningham – One to watch for the win. Ruaridh will have grown up riding these trails and will know the terrain there well. Especially with his full time switch to enduro he will be a good bet for the win.

Mark Scott- EWS podium and also from Scotland. The small stacked powerhouse will be chasing after his first UKGE win. Known as Angry Bird to friends can he unleash and harvest the fury?

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Matt Simonds– Long time World Cup DH racer has made the switch to enduro this year. Matt has put in the hours training for this new venture of his though. Even going to South Africa to train with GB’s XC team. He told us “they get up. Ride 3 hrs. Eat food. Sleep 3 hrs. Get up. Ride 3 hrs. Eat food. Sleep, and do it all again for 2 weeks”. It will be interesting to see how Matt’s skills will apply to Enduro.
We reckon he’ll be up there with the top guns.

Emyr Davies– Wow! Big news! Ride It Out’s very own Emyr Davies is focusing his time 50/50 on DH and Enduro. Ems first enduro was the Ard Rock last year and he managed 4th! Hopefully the tracks point downhill for him!

Matt Stuttard– Hope rider has had some EWS success over the years. We’re sure he will be gunning for winning some of these stages

Sam Dale – We don’t know what to expect from Sam Dale but we definitely do do know just how fast he can be. Another rider we just would not bet against. Fast on his day and he’s a monster power house. Will stamina match his outright power?

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Rich Payne – He’s no stranger to the EWS and he does it as a full on privateer so he knows how to do things the hard way. Another one to watch.

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Craig Evans – Tons of style but not shy of pinning it to win it. Inners may suit his loose and easy going style.

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There’s time to get your entry in for Rd2 at Eastridge at the end of May.

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