Photo Epic – Some of the Best of 2017

A little boring bit about me…

My Name is Brett Shelfer, “Tree” to many, a self made photographer driven on capturing the best moments that I can the way I see it through my view finder and try to be as creative as I can,I brought a DLSR mag for something to read as I quite liked camera’s, computers and tech, reading on I started getting into it but didn’t really know a massive amount about this world… I was intrigued, I picked up a camera early 2014 It was a Real T5 1200D with a kit lens which I swapped a set of forks for. From then I learned things and youtube’d a few vids on light and settings etc, after sometime, changed my set up, evolved to shoot some bikes and stuff. Changed my camera’s to full frame with a few more lenses so to speak, done some landscape stuff and then my first wedding which I shit my self on!! (not literally). Co own a bike shop The Riders’Guild in Chichester met some great humans down the line, as well as the shop I like to try and get out to World Cups, some local DH races, enduro’s when I can. Not a pro, shoot for my self and a few people now, and the good folk here at RIDE.IO from time to time, nothing to major I just love being out with the gear, bag, and getting amongst it.

Enough of me!!
Each photo means something to me with great memories with in this epic and fast sport!! Not that I can get to every round but the ones I can do it’s awesome!!

With the BDS at the start of the year also held at Fort William before the UCI World Cup , the BDS is like a mini world cup, lots of testing goes on with suspension and other products.

Loic Bruni // Fort William BDS.

One of my all time favourite’s.

Fort William Scotland // Danny Hart Keeping it lit.

Getting into the pits, a small taste of what it’s like!

Being heavily involved with Silverfish-UK it’s always nice to have that connection for their and our content. Being a fan of Danny and watching him from the start it was my goal to one day capture him at his best.

Fort William Scotland // Greg Minnar.

Fort William Scotland // Greg Minnar.

says it all to be fair! Another shot I’ve always wanted to capture on this rock drop, yeah it’s been done a thousand times probably, but everyone has a different perspective on their photo’s. To see him ride is something else but to capture him, in Fortbill, with all it’s history is exceptional!.

Peaty’s style and body language on the bike = unmissable.

With peaty retiring from racing, seeing him race and having the privilege to capture him was awesome and something I’ll never forget. Seeing him race Pearce Cycle’s race series national champs was again amazing!! And this was a risky shot to take but it’s pay off was amazing!!.

Tahnée Seagrave // Val Di Sole Italy.

This shot of Tahnée was a risky one, never been to VDS before I was keen to try some new things, this pan shot was one i wanted to try and nail, I saw her coming and thought It’s worth ago, looked at my screen and thought that could work, finding out that was practice over!! Elite men were next!! (love a pan!!)

Rachel Atherton // Val Di Sole Italy.

Rachel Atherton // Val Di Sole Italy.

Rachel is an incredible athlete with one of the best seasons seen by any rider, her 2016 season went down in the history books! I had to get a shot of her popping out the gate which I loved.

Markus Pekoll // Val Di Sole.

For me this photo sums up Mr Pekoll,final race of the season and his final race of his career! His charging and clean style matched with consistency makes him a true and great racer.

Kaos Seagrave // Redbull Hardline.

Hardline was awesome, this shot for me sums up Hardline, it’s beautiful landscape back drop and desolate unforgiving terrain is humbling, breaking through it’s normality the machine made and hand sculpted dialled jumps of the famous course is truly amazing when stood on the take off’s!!! Here Kaos (not by nature) makes light work of the gnar that’s before him.

Ben Deakin // VEE-tyre-co // product shoot.

I have always wanted to do a product shoot with a rider, this came up for me and I jumped at the chance as Ben is so down to earth and loves what he does and is dame fine at it too!! It was game on! Awesome day!

Some epic times had along the way and there should be many many more to follow!! Go check out my Instagram, Click on the picture below 🙂 Thanks to everyone that makes this possible and it’s been a pleasure to work with some amazing people along the way.



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