New Pinner – 7 Questions with BTR

The all new BTR Pinner in all it’s glory

btr pinner

Who are BTR?

BTR is Burf and Tam Racing. It’s just two people. Tam is a handy engineer, and Burf is a nifty tig welder. Somewhere in the middle we meet up and build the world’s best bicycle frames.

What made you take the leap to setting up BTR?

Burf always wanted to build frames. Tam was fed up of designing someone else’s idea of a good bike. There was a conversation one day that went something along the lines of “Shall we start this bike company then?”. If we knew what it would actually involve, we probably wouldn’t have taken the leap.


Tell us why you’ve always used steel tubing?

It’s the original, and still the best.

Tell us about the new Pinner.

It’s a bike for riding hard and having fun. The ultimate trail destroyer. 130mm of linear progressive suspension travel. We pour our heart and soul into every one. The complete bike in the pictures weighs 33lb.

The frame looks are stunning, how did the aesthetics come about?

Its most important to us that our bikes ride incredibly, and don’t break. The aesthetics are a by-product of good engineering.


Your running a coil shock is the linkage designed specifically for this?

Yes. This frame’s linkage has been designed specifically for a coil simply because they perform better.

Anymore big plans in the pipeline for BTR?

Always. Huge plans.


Who’s makes the best brew Burf or Tam?

Tam and caffeine are not friends, so Burf?


Quick Fire Questions

Fave bike of all time?

Burf – Sam Hill on the Iron Horse Sunday

Hardtail or full sus? 
Burf – Hardtails and flat pedals. Puts hairs on your chest.
Steel, alloy or carbon?
Burf – I’m told steel is real.
Tea or coffee?
Burf – No limits
Downhill or enduro?
Burf – Both. Bicycle riding innit.
Fast and flowy or steep and technical? 
Burf – Both, as long as it’s natural.
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