New Owners of Rideitout – Meet the team

Emyr Davies and Meinir Siencyn and are now the proud owners of Ride It Out!

Emyr will be the driving force behind the business, and Meinir will be using her wealth of expertise by working exclusively on creative film media content for the team and the website.

“We’re both incredibly excited and fired up to take on this new chapter in our lives.”

Ems will be the driving force behind the brand

Emyr Davies (most know him as Ems) has personally been in the cycle industry for 12 years which started with working in a bike shop as an enthusiastic 15 year old. He has now been riding for Ride It Out as an Elite World Cup and BDS racer for the last 4 years. The experience gained has given him a wealth of knowledge that he intends to utilise to make Ride It Out bigger and better than ever. Emyr will be managing the Ride it Out race team, whilst still racing Downhill at World Cups.

Meins will be bringing her professional videography and film making skills into Rideitout and producing loads of a fresh video content

Meinir Siencyn (most know her as Meins) has been a Videographer with ten years professional mainstream TV experience under her belt and has been working on cycling related media for the last 8 years. She is a character, full of enthusiasm for the sport and is always wearing a smile. She has been making video edits for for the last 3 years.

We will be picking up exactly where Rob left off with the team and the website and long term intend to grow the brand to a whole new level. All the writers will be continuing to work with Ride it Out, so there will still be the same feel to the website and familiar face to face interaction.

Rob Lewis –
“Running has been awesome. Not many people get the opportunity to run their own company doing what they love. I’m a big believer of change though as we’ve seen with a complete re-brand in the past and now it’s time for another change in my life. I’m really happy to see Ems and Meins take the reins of the brand, I’m positive they’ll do a great job. See you on the trails!”

Simon Lacey Chief Ed

Chief Editor Simon will be carrying on the old editing duties and breaking his face in the name of testing helmets.

Simon our Editor will be continuing his great work for the site. He can be contacted via

The Ride it Out team is to be announced in the coming few weeks. Emyr will be the Elite spearhead of the team. Plus there are some new exciting developments, which include the team’s very own video web series, documenting all of the antics.

“This is is a dream opportunity for us. We look forward to continuing the already strong relationship Ride It Out have with its associates and work on even more exciting projects. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone.”
Ems and Meins
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