The Ribbon Coil gives you the spring tunability and stroke control previously found only with air, while giving you the supple linear spring curve, lower friction, longer service life, and consistent feel that you get with a coil spring. This, in a package with a negligible or even nonexistent weight penalty over air forks in its class.

Every Ribbon Coil ships with three standard spring rates (soft, medium, and firm) and two additional springs (extra- soft and extra-firm) are available separately. The full range of springs covers riders from 125-250 lbs. Fine-tuning of spring rate comes courtesy of an external preload adjustment.

Included with the Ribbon Coil is MRP’s acclaimed Ramp ControlTM system; a speed-sensitive ending-stroke adjustment that allows you quickly and easily isolate and tune your preferred amount of bottom-out support on-the-fly.

Just 203g (0.45 pounds.) heavier than the air-sprung Ribbon, the Ribbon Coil’s 4.6-pound weight bests many of its air-sprung competitors and beats aftermarket coil-converted forks. It’s an easily justifiable compromise for hard-charging trail riders and park rats in exchange for consistent and impeccable performance, day-in and day-out.

Like all MRP forks, the Ribbon Coil is precisely assembled in MRP’s Grand Junction, Colorado, factory. All forks undergo a rigorous quality control process, that includes individual dyno testing, before arriving in the hands of end users. Like its air-sprung sibling, the Ribbon Coil is offered in two chassis sizes (27.5” or 27.5+/29”), two offsets*, with ten standard decal color options, and with either QR-style or bolt-on 15×110 axles. With the addition of either coil or air spring, and the above options, MRP suspension is truly the choice for those that demand the best.

*27.5+/29” models can choose from 46 or 51mm offsets. All 27.5” models feature 44mm offset.
Features, Pricing and Availability

Weight: 4.6 and 4.65 pounds (27.5”, 27.5+/29”)
150-170mm travel for 27.5”
140-160mm travel for 27.5+/29” (internally adjustable)
Externally adjustable preload and Ramp ControlTM
3 springs included, 2 additional • springs available separately.
OutcastTM arch design
New bladder-free EssenTTialTM damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP.
PSST pressure-relief valves “Boost” spacing
QR15 or bolt-on axle
10 decal colors and patterns
U.S. MSRP: $989.95
Additional springs $39.95
Shipping October 2017

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