More Bad News! – Proper Downhill Racing Cancel Welsh Champs Race!

It’s not getting any better. Proper Downhill Racing have made the tough decision to cancel the Welsh Champs DH Race due to very low entries. Find out what’s happened her, direct from Proper Downhill —

“So it’s well past crunch time for the Welsh Champs race. Entries are ridiculously low, I’m absolutely not going to put posts up asking for people to get entered like others do. We have been here before and you should know the score. We are providing exciting new tracks to race for no profit unlike the other events who provide crappy old tracks and profit from your hard earned money spent on entries.
No support from media and pro’s but they all want to use the tracks for their own benefit once thousands of hours and pounds have been spent.
Clearly you the riders don’t want new tracks and would prefer to spend the coming years riding the same old tired venues. I have far better things to do with my time and money, a home renovation, wife and children and business that suffer when I’m trying to help you. Not any more, you have had your chance and blew it!
Enjoy wasting your cash on badly run, crappy events, I’m out!” – PROPER DOWNHILL

Find out what the Proper Downhill Racing Series was all about with our exclusive interview HERE

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