Magura Launch MT Trail Sport Brake and HC3 Levers


The new mT Trail Sport from mAGURA is the newest member of the mT family which bears the success- ful concept of our mT Trail – four pistons at the front and two pistons at the rear wheel.
The little sister MAGURA MT Trail Sport follows the MT Trail Carbon after one year on the market.
“The concept of 4/2 pistons is extremely successful with our All-Mountain and Enduro customers and has definitely advantages in the fast growing e-moun- tainbike market. Our customers wanted to offer the same principle also in other price ranges. Therefore we took the next logical step and developed the MT Trail Sport”, says Martin Schneider, product manager of MAGURA.

What is different to the mT Trail Carbon
– 1 finger HC lever
– great value for money
– carbotecture housing
– trail braking performance: 4 pistons in front for
maximum braking power, 2 pistons at the rear for
perfect modulation
– 100% trail performance


The newly developed HC3 lever – which was especially engineered with the input of danny macAskill for his signature edition of the MAGURA mT7 – is now available as spare part for tuning.
The HC3 is shortened and carries a lot of features for individual adjustments. Every rider can tune in his personal braking feeling perfectly. A unique feature is the adjustment of the leverage which changes the braking power.
The HC3 lever is compatible to our models Magura MT6, MT7, MT8 and MT Trail Carbon. To be on the safe side when switching from your old lever we recommend visiting your local bicycle dealer and MAGURA specialist.

– Optimum modulation: the 1-finger lever delivers maximum performance for every rider through its unreached modulation
– Reach Adjust w/ Allen3: the lever can be adjusted quick and simple to your handsize, finger length or personal preferences
– Ratio Adjust w/ Torx T25: when changing the leverage mechanically the braking power is adjusted differently, which leads to perfect amount of braking power for every situation: high leverage on sticky terrain = high braking power, wet and slippery ground, small leverage = extended modulation
– Improved ergonomy of the lever – the middle finger now has a bigger contact area, when pulling the lever to the handlebar the fingers aren‘t pinched anymore

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