cotic soul

In 2003 the Soul was our first model. Cy Turner – our Founder and Bike Designer – wanted a bike no one made. He wanted his dream hardtail. The Soul embodied a progressive spirit, blending together elements of downhill, trail and XC riding into a tough, light, fast, confidence inspiring ride which defined a genre. It balanced light weight with toughness and great handling, longer frame, shorter stems, big tyres and proper forks. For the time it was really forward looking and it quickly become an icon, winning multiple tests and awards over the following years. It spawned many imitators, but the Soul was the original, the template.

For its 15th anniversary in 2018, the 5th generation Soul captures that progressive spirit again. It has grown and adapted. Taking advantage of our latest geometry research it runs with a super short stem and long reach, revised angles for perfectly balanced handling, better than ever rider fit, and more smiles per mile.

The Soul has always had amazing adaptability and all round performance. Tough, light, fun, interactive, comfortable. We have bombed down Pyraneen mountains on our Souls. We have battered across the rocks of the Peak District, Lakes and Scotland. We have whizzed between the trees. We have strapped bags to them and got some nights in the bivvy bags out in the hills. It’s great at all of these things, but at heart the Soul is a singletrack scalpel. Optimised around 120mm forks, but with the strength and toughness for up to 140’s, it’s fast, responsive, sharp, keen and smooth. Zipping between the trees on that glorious sliver of trail, the Soul is THE bike you need to be on. You won’t just smile, you will probably be laughing out loud. Who doesn’t want a bit of that in their riding life?

The heart of the Soul has always been Reynolds 853. We use this super steel for the whole front triangle, and pair it to our custom sized and shaped heat treated cromoly rear end for the lightest, toughest, most beautiful riding frame. Grit and Steel. Boost148 rear spacing futureproofs the frames, and our latest super clearance stays, as introduced on the SolarisMAX and BFe give clearance for up to 27.5 x 2.6″ tyres, or 26 x 3.0″.

Going into its 15th straight year in production, the 5th Generation Cotic Soul recaptures the progressive nature of the original. The Soul is ahead of the game once again.

The frames are £599 including UK delivery. We ship worldwide from right here in the heart of the Peak District in the UK. Euro pricing is approximately EUR710.00, US pricing is approx $740, Canadian pricing is approximately CAD$985.00. All prices include shipping.
Bike pricing starts at £1699. These are also available worldwide.

If you’re interested and want to get in touch info@cotic.co.uk

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