Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to 2018! The Fuzz completely revamped! Basing on our cooperation with the NS Bikes Factory Racing team, we’ve made some major tweaks in this piece: adjustable reach, new geometry concept, fresh new looks and details.


The Fuzz was our entrance into the world of proper big rigs – this was 2015. Looking back at those 3 years we must admit – that was hell of a ride! Apart from being whipped and flipped by the slopestylers such as Sam or Max Fredriksson, it has proven to be a pure racing machine, taking podiums at major DH events worldwide! The boys and girls from NS Bikes Factory Racing have tested the Fuzzes on the toughest courses in the world.

Basing on the cooperation between the team and our R&D department, the 2018 frame has undergone some major tweaks. First of all – we’ve equipped the frames with our custom adjustable headset. It’s now possible set up the bike’s reach to your own preferences. There are 3 steerer possible positions: -8 mm, 0 and +8mm. This means that each frame size is actually 3 in 1!

The second change affected the rear triangle. We’ve decided to make the chainstay length proportional to the size of the frame – meaning that the CS is shorter in the smaller size and longer in the bigger. By doing this, we’re gaining a better FC-RC balance which is a key factor in avoiding over or under steering.

The Fuzz comes, as usual, in two spec versions: Fuzz 1 equipped in Fox suspension and Fuzz 2 with Marzocchi / X-Fusion combo. There are more new features and specification differences in both models.



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