Halo BDS Fort William – Cancelled

2011 Halo British Downhill Series Fort William has been CANCELLED!


FORT WILLIAM CANCELLED! The Nevis Range have said that the gondola will not be able to open on Saturday and possibly Sunday due to high winds. The resort is closed Thursday so we can’t go back there this year. We will put on another race in October, venue and date tbc.


Nevis Range:
As discussed I today called the Met Office forecaster to get a better idea of the weather for this weekend. The main factor will be the wind – speed and direction.

Friday – Southerly 30mph quickly becoming 40-50mph

Saturday – Southerly 40mph gusts 60mph

Sunday – South Westerly 40mph gusts 60mph

Southerly’s are the worst direction for the gondola as the wind travels straight down the line. Friday looks like it will be OK to start with but will get worse. Being this close to Saturday our gut feeling is the gondola would not operate at all in these wind speeds. On Sunday the wind veers to a South Westerly this may be better but at those speeds we can get a funnel effect which creates a strong cross wind which would not be good for bikes on the gondolas.

Of course we can never be certain how the forecast will affect us. There have been occasions when decisions are made and the outcome is totally different to what was predicted. The strongest wind can go to the North or to the South of us, totally changing everything. Hopefully thought this will help you in making a decision.

Si Paton (Halo BDS):

Rather than making you all drive up there and end up throwing stones at me in the car park I have made the tough and quick call to cancel Fort William. We will look to re-schedule the event to Ocotober at somewhere else.
More details to follow.






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