Grass Roots – Aston Hill – Lovelo MTB at Pearce Cycles #1

The beast from the east had cleared and it was time for Round 1 of the Pearce series at Kinsham. There may not have been snow on the ground but there was plenty of water.
This time of year, the team launches its new kit and this didn’t change with ION and TroyleeDesign supporting the team with superb kit but as well as new kit the team has a new name with Lovelo Cycle Works coming on board as team sponsors. So, for 2018 the team will be known as Aston Hill – Lovelo MTB Racing Team.

Saturday and the track was slippery with plenty of sniper roots to catch you out and it was hard to maintain some flow. The track is short and the uplift service is first class so the team got plenty of runs in to find the lines. Plenty of crashes throughout the day and the team were running Michelin Wild MUD Tyres as the mud was so soft. As the day went on conditions were improving and it would be dry tyres for race day.

With the clocks going forward an hour the team were a bit bleary eyed but it was time to get serious and put all that winter training to good use.
Dry tyres were now on and the track although a little greasy was running well and getting faster.

Words by Jeremy- Youth
1st run was ok with a couple minor mistakes which put me in 4th with a time of 2:03.804.

After my second run I improved my time 1:59.633 and went across the line into second place. After the rest of the riders came down I was unfortunately pushed into 4th missing out on podium by 400th of a second.
Overall a great weekend racing. Can’t wait for National Round 1 in a few weeks at Cwmcarn.

Two practice runs completed and I had issues with my back brake. I had bent the rear rotor so it was a quick change and it was time to race.
1st run I wasn’t sure how the brake would feel so this was on my mind but after a few turns it was working well. Settling into the track this run was more about getting a time rather than smashing it.
Crossed the line in 4th with a time of 2:32.669, I knew I could improve on that.

2nd run I pushed it, small mistake on the 2nd corner but it was ok, in the bottom section I pushed hard and crossed the line over 5 seconds faster, 2:27.260 but unfortunately dropped a place back to 5th.

Words by Ellen- Junior Woman
On my first race run, the conditions were still a little damp so I had a few sketchy foot-out moments.

I finished in 2nd, 2:31.648 about 6 seconds behind so I knew I would have to push hard to catch up. By my second run, I knew that the conditions had dried up a lot so I switched to my Michelin Wild Rock R2 tyres . The track was pretty rutted out at this stage, but my run was a lot faster and I managed to improve 4 seconds with a 2:27.675 but remaining in 2nd place which I was happy with. Overall, a good weekend and the track was fun and fast!

Words by Josh- Junior Men

I felt good on Sunday morning getting three practice runs in and felt confident going up for my race runs. Annoyingly I crashed in the 3rd corner on my first run which set me up badly for the rest of the run crossing the line in 2:12.697 back in 14th.

I chilled before my second run and was feeling ready to put a good run down. I felt like I couldn’t quite get into it and ended up making stupid mistakes on important parts of the track. I crossed the line with a much better time of 2:00.939 putting me in 1st place. The top three riders all went quicker pushing me back to 4th, the times were so tight with the positions 2 to 4 separated by 300th of a second.

I had a good weekend and I know what I need to do for next time.

It was good see Rachel Atherton supporting the Pearce series, she was on fine form finishing 1st and looking good ahead of the new season

Full results courtesy of Roots and rain

Many thanks to Pearce-Cycles for another excellent race.

Many thanks to all our sponsors who have made it possible for the team to race this season with the awesome kit and components they supply.

Photo Credits: Sally Ross, @BigMacPhotography,
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