First Look- Sickest kids bike ever?? Spawn Rokkusuta 24″

We have one of the sickest kids bikes ever on test here at – Spawn Rokkusuta 24″
Spawn cycles Rokkusuta
Well I say we, I mean Emyr Davies (team Ride It Out’s Elite World Cup racer’s 10year little brother- Nowi).
He’s stoked to have a killer bike to rip his local North Wales tracks on. Here he his dabbing with delight!

Spawn cycles Rokkusuta

Just look at this bike! No doubt it’s the coolest kids bike we have ever seen.

The Spawn Rokkusuta features 24″ wheels with a frame designed for shredding and one that wont just fall apart at the first sight of a jump.

Spawn cycles Rokkusuta

The Spawn Rokkusuta comes standard with a 140mm or front and rear travel equipped with X Fusion Air shock and Forks, which means –

You can adjust it to your kids weight they’re super light!  Plus both have lockout  for those long climbs behind the silly adults!

Spawn cycles Rokkusuta

Spawn cycles RokkusutaProper SRAM guild Brakes bring heaps of confidence, the levers adjust far enough in for small hands too ! Spawn cycles Rokkusuta

Look how colour coordinated this bike is! Blue bolt through hubs just add that magic to it.

Spawn cycles RokkusutaA linkage kids bike?!! Hell yes! This linkage is the very well designed Horst Link (yes, the same as Gwin’s DH bike and Loic Bruni’s world champs Spesh demo!).  Providing pedaling efficiency and ramp up through the travel. I know that 10 year old Nowi won’t notice this, as he just wants to send jumps and do skids (don’t we all!). But it’s good to know that when he does push that limit where a normal bike would lose traction, he should still be upright and not eating a face full of Antur Stiniog Slate. Spawn cycles RokkusutaA black finish and bring blue graphics makes the Rokkusuta pop very nicely.

The Spawn Rokkusuta comes in at £1950.00.

A hefty price tag for kids you say??

Well yes but look at the spec on it!  You would be doing well to get an adult full sus bike with this spec for that price. And to think it’s a truly custom-made bike for kids that will last for  years.

Most kids bikes that people buy end up broken fast, most of the time. This gives  kids a bad experience of riding and more importantly can be responsible for crashes due to crap parts.

Then when it comes time to buy a new bike due to kids growing taller, the cheap bike usually ends up too broken to fix, and ends up in the skip. Most cheap bikes are made with non serviceable parts, meaning if you wanted to fix them you couldn’t! Not to mention the environmental impact this ultimately has!

So after your kid has the best 2-3 years or shredding this bike you can service and fix it up and sell it on for a decent price! Meaning you get some of your money back to buy a bigger bike for him/her.


Spawn cycles Rokkusuta

Nowi is so stoked to ride it!

Will Nowi land a no-hander before giving the Spawn Rokkusuta back?? Tune in next time for our full review after he shreds it!


“We’re big fans of decent kids bikes, and the Rokkusuta has gone beyond anything we’ve ever seen before! Simply unbelievable quality parts, that will work well and last years. Giving your kid a sick experience and saving the environment too. We know that just shy of 2K is a big price tag, but it should retain its value, and the spec on this frame is equivalent to an adults 2K full sus so what’s the difference? You’d buy that bike for yourself so why not invest in your kids and give them the best you can afford?”

If you want to see them in person and get your kids to have a go on one, there will be a demo at The Malverns Classic 15-17 of June. Check it out- CLICK HERE 

Want to see more check out their website here-

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