First Look- Kali Protectives Maya 2.0- Safest Open face ever?

Words– Emyr Davies

I caught up with Kali Helmets in my local cafe to take a look at their redesigned enduro open face helmet the Kali Maya 2.0.

Plus I get out for a spin and see how it performs in the slop.

Maya 2.0- Cafe looks

Meeting up with Sean from Kali is always fun. He’s the UK dealer for Kali and one of the coolest guys I know. If you’re a bike shop reading this in the UK get in touch with him. Get him on his FB – CLICK HERE

We chatted alot and drank tea alot in ‘Pete’s Eats’ in Llanberis (those who know, know.). He then revealed the Maya 2.0

I’ve been using the 1st version of the Maya for over a year now and I love it. It’s taken me to the podium many times this year and was a treat to wear at the Ard Rock Enduro when It was ridiculously hot and just as dangerous.

If you want to check out my 2nd place VLOG at Ard Rock  click the pic below –

Ard Rock 2018 VLOG Emyr Davies POV

To be honest I already love the Maya. So when Kali announced that they’ve made it even better I was stoked.

The Maya 2.0 is certainly is a looker. The nice combo of the two colours match well and with a subtle not in your face styling. They’ve hit the middle-aged man/enduro racer nail on the head.  Whereas if you’re a wild park-rat teenager you will be more suited to their Zoka helmet – CLICK HERE

“I’ll have a cuppa tea and some LDL please”

The biggest new feature is the introduction of LDL.  It might sound similar to LSD,  but no LDL isn’t anything like it. It actually does the opposite and saves your brain from getting confused and seeing double.  And I reckon you can have just as much fun using it…

LDL is quite the technology. Those little green suckers work on taking the energy from rotational impacts and dissipating them through the rubber instead of into your brain.

Think of it as the rubber engine mounting bushes on your car. Without them,  your car’s engine would rattle itself loose every time you drove over a bump. Well, this is the same except that the engine is your brain and the car is your body, and the bump could be anything you unwisely choose to crash into that day, rock, tree or brick wall.

If my engine/ brain comparison doesn’t make sense then I’ll let the OG from Kali explain to you in this video below.

Kali Explains it like so –

“The major upgrade comes from the addition of our LDL padding system. Studies show we can experience a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) at much lower g-forces (74-100g) and that these impacts occur more often (80% of bicycle crashes occur below 100g’s).

Low Density Layer (LDL) consists of specially designed viscoelastic gel pads that line the interior of a helmet. These gel pads can compress and shear in all directions, reducing rotational impact forces by 25% and low-g linear forces by 30%.”

Check these two brain scans of a helmet with LDL.

and one without…

Speaks for itself right?

The Maya also has another Kali specific technology-

Composite Fusion Plus

Here’s What Kali describe it as-

“In an impact, the cones compress redirecting the energy laterally away from your head, reducing the chance of injury.


  • Better impact energy management, less force transferred to the head. 
  • Smaller helmet shell thickness, lower mass, less torque on the neck.
  • 15-25% softer foam next to your head.

In layman’s terms- It’s a blend of hard and softer foam. The soft foam is closest to the brain and the hard stuff furthest. So in an impact, the softer foam compresses and absorbs the energy, And the hard foam stops it going any further

Kali Helmets Crumple zone

My best description would be like a car crumple zone. The softer foam compresses and absorbs the energy while the hard stuff kicks in later when the energy is less. Meaning your brain doesn’t rattle around after the impact like it does in conventional helmets without this technology.

Check out this Crumple zone vid below if you want a better idea.

Basically, Kali Helmets is the Volvo of the Mtb world. And no one messes with a Volvo…

First Ride

The first outing on the new helmet was a classic North Wales Winter ride. Lots of techy sloppy clay, epic views and heaps of getting out of control!

Check out the insta banger of the day below-

Somehow I managed not to crash in all that slop. Gladly I can’t put any feedback in that department.

Kali Helmets Maya2.0 First Look
The ride was a long un, we ended up riding 3hrs and the difference in comfort was noticeable. My old Maya would start feeling tight around the back and press into my head a little after a couple hours. The 2.0 I never had any discomfort.

One benefit I didn’t expect the LDL to have, was that it made the Maya 2.0 a lot more comfy to wear. It’s like the LDL spreads the weight of the helmet across your head making it comfier.  Kali Helmets Maya2.0 First Look

I did like the long peak on the helmet, especially being so flexible, you can chuck it in the van and not worry about it coming back out of shape if your dog/girlfriend sits on it. And it’s awesome in a crash cos it just bends out the way, then comes back to shape!

Ride It Out’s LOWDOWN

“So far so good, the Kali Maya 2.0 is comfier than its predecessor. Plus it does a  better job at protecting your head with LDL technology, and it has killer looks to boot!

Kali’s helmet technology makes total sense, so I feel so much safer riding in this than a standard helmet.”



Check Back here in a couple months time to see how Ems is getting on.

Product details-

• Low-Density Layer – rotational & low-g impact protection
• Composite Fusion Plus – high-g impact protection
• Flex moto-style visor
• Upgraded pad liner for improved fit and sweat management
• Integrated bug liner for added coverage
• New custom moulded silicone strap retainer and tag
• Locking buckle and sliders
• PC shell & under wrap
Intended Use
• Enduro
• Trail
• X-Country Specs
• Retention: Dual Closure System
• Vents: 12
• Weight: 360g
• Sizes: XS/S, S/M, L/XL
• Certifications: CPSC, EN 1070
• Covered by Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy
• Price: US $100 GBP £89.99.00

Find your nearest Kali stockist here-

Or get in touch with the UK dealer here-

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