EXCLUSIVE – Orange talk about their New E bike- E.P.O

With the same geo’s as an Alpine 6, but the power of a Shimano E-8000. This bike looks set to be something good.
We like it that Orange have gone to town and designed the bike fully around the battery, not just bolted it on like other manufactures.
With Shimano’s step system. This bike features 3 speeds of assist eco normal and boost. Plus a walking feature when the trail gets that little bit to steep to ride.

Darren explains that there will be 2 E bike models available. One around £7500 with Di2 and Fox Factory spec, and another cheaper spec around £6000-£6500 prices TBC.

The power is delivered when the rider starts pedalling. We’ve found with the Shimano E8000 unit the power is smooth and controllable, even in boost mode. This is crucial on the technical terrain we love to ride.

Unlike other drive units on the market, the Shimano E8000 crankset has the same Q-factor as the human powered cranks you are used to, this means no awkward changes to your pedalling position. This drive unit also has a zero-drag feature, so as you surge past the assisted power, often into descents, all of your pedal input goes into the drive, rather than dragging the motor’s “gearbox”. This gives a really responsive feel, when you’re hitting those high-velocity descents. You soon forget you’re riding an E-bike until the assist kicks in again to help power you up the next climb.


Here are the initial technical specifications of the Shimano E8000 drive unit.


All three support modes will assist until 16mph.

ECO – Riding support while enabling maximum range
TRAIL – Gradual support for encouraging sportive riding
BOOST – Full support for maximum boost and uncompromised climbing

WALK ASSIST – As additional mode, walk assist can be easily enabled with the assist switch

Short chainstays (shorter chainstay length ensuring better manoeuvrability)
Narrow Q-factor of 177mm (compact and lightweight design for better handling with same Q-factor as current Shimano XT)

Maximum power: 500 W
Nominal power: 250 W
Maximum torque: 70 Nm

Under 3 kg

Integrated version (504Wh)
Charging: 80% after 2,5 hrs / 5 hrs from 0 to 100%
Battery life: 1,000 cycles

Find out more at Orangebikes.co.uk

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