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Ben Moore 2017
Ben Moore

Ride.io: So what have you been up to Ben?

Ben Moore: It’s been a pretty epic first half of the year so far. I raced the Downmall series (shopping centre racing) at the beginning of the year. I love that type and style of racing as it’s fast pace, short tracks and no one gets to practice before the race weekend.

After this I headed to Chile for a very scary urban DH race. Didn’t go as well for me there but still had a great time shredding the big bike! Since then I’ve done some slightly different races to usual but working on some films and projects that are to be released very soon…

Ride.io: You are very successful at Urban events, how do you see these against racing in the hills?

Ben: I do love the urban events for sure. I find my skill set suits them best and I love the fact that all riders get the same amount of practice, it seems like a much fairer race format to me than some of the other races on the calendar.

Ride.io: Tell us about that pickup?

Ben: Yeah the truck is pretty cool! I was delighted to sign a sponsorship deal with Foray motor group and Ford UK. The truck is absolutely perfect for lugging bikes around and it really does get us to any remote location we need. Got some cool footage from the Isle of Man which is due to launch pretty soon too.

Ride.io: You regularly post instabangers and top vids, how do you balance shooting these and racing?

Ben: To be honest, I try to focus my time around the social media more than racing. At the end of the day, we work in ‘marketing’ and I find the best way to promote my sponsors brands is to make videos and get photos. There’s definitely a few tricks to getting them to go viral and you can never guarantee it but having high quality regular content is vital.

Ride.io: What is the favourite race so far?

Ben: I’d be struck between 2 races… Mexico (Taxco) is the home and heart of urban downhill racing. The organisers out there are world class and the whole event is always a very special ceremony of urban downhill racing. Other than this, I would have to say Grasse (France) is ‘up there’ for me! The track is around 3 minutes long and includes road gaps, doubles, wall rides and some sickening sprints. Love it!

Ride.io: Is there a race you haven’t done yet and really want to get your teeth into?

Ben: I’m very lucky to have ticked off most of the events I want to race. I would love to go to Rampage one day although I’m not sure my injury insurance covers that one!

Ride.io: What is next for you?

Ben: We’re focusing the remainder of the year on some new films and also are chasing a world record but unfortunately I can’t chat much about that yet…

Cheers Ben, check out his latest Video

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