EXCLUSIVE- Ard Rock Enduro VLOG // Emyr Davies 2nd Place

Check out our very own Team Ride It Out: Ems Davies here as he smashes the Ard Rock Enduro taking 2 stage wins and 2nd place just 7 seconds behind Danny Hart.
This is his VLOG of what went on down on all 7 stages. Check out his sneaky lines, plus a whole lot of banter with Ben Deakin and an encounter with a sheep…

Ard Rock 2018 VLOG Emyr Davies POVBONUS rumours….
Check out what the guy next to Ems says at 20.40sec.
What do you guys think if Danny did uplift in practice??

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Ard Rock 2018 VLOG Emyr Davies POV

Ard Rock 2018 VLOG Emyr Davies POV

1st- Danny Hart

2nd- Emyr Davies

3rd- Sam FlockhartArd Rock 2018 VLOG Emyr Davies POV

Full results can be found here- CLICK HERE


Riding + EDIT -Emyr Davies
Pics- John Chennells
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