Eurobike 16 – Marzocchi

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding Marzocchi recently, but a quick chat has confirmed that it’s business as usual now that the dust has settled on the Fox takeover.

So, how do Marzocchi and Fox coexist and interact?  Thankfully, it’s apparent (and Marzocchi are adamant) that all Marzocchi products will still be designed, developed, and engineered exclusively by Marzocchi.

Marzocchi UK will still handle UK distribution of Marzocchi products, completely independently from Mojo.

Reading between the lines a little, it seems that Fox will have a hand in guiding which products Marzocchi produce in future.  But for now at least Marzocchi still have their full range, and are working on more.

Eurobike 2016

For 2017 Marzocchi are offering their 2016 range, but with updated black anodised stanchions, and new, low friction seals on some forks.  The new seals do the same job as their predecessors, maintaining the brilliant durability of Marzocchi forks.  The new anodising appears to perform the same as 2016’s ‘espresso’ coating, but in stealthier colourway.

Eurobike 2016

For 2017 Marzocchi are offering the Fox Transfer dropper post as part of their product range.  Your guess is as good as ours as to how this works logistically, but maybe British shops will have the option of sourcing the Transfer post from Mojo or Marzocchi UK…whichever way, it’s no bad thing.

Eurobike 2016

Marzocchi are hard at work on forks to accommodate Boost spacing – something which is sorely missing from their current range.  Their lips were sealed as to whether these were completely new forks, or simply wider versions of the current items.

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