Eurobike 16 – Cane Creek

Cane Creek have released a flurry of new components recently – here’s what’s new…

Eurobike-020916-RB-15The freshest arrival is the Viscoset; a friction-damped headset, intended to prevent speed-wobble, particularly on E-bikes.  Apparently it’s also handy on kids bikes, when they’re still getting to grips with the steering.  The Viscoset uses a 40-series bearing, tucked away under the damping shims.

Damping is adjustable, by adding or removing the supplied shims.  RRP is US$79, top cup only, and you can get your hands on it sometime in November or December this year.

Eurobike-020916-RB-12An optional remote kit for the Climb Switch on their Inline (air and coil) shocks was also on display, along with a nice adjustable thumb lever for cable-operated dropper posts.  The two levers can be mounted together on the same bracket to save cockpit clutter.


Both lever and remote will be available late this year.


The Inline coil with its new, lighter-than-usual steel spring looks to be a winner for those who prefer the feel and reliability of coils.  It will retail for US$550; the same as its air counterpart.

Eurobike-020916-RB-13The new Valt spring weighs in at 318g, vs 375g for a standard model, in 400 x 2.25″.

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