Eurobike 15 – Extra #Downhill Bikes

We bring you a quick gallery of images showcasing the DH bikes of Eurobike 2015

EuroBike Thursday CL-25

The Propain Rage “Limited” model for 2016, yours for just €3999.


World Cup to trade show.  This is Rachel Athertons race bike used in the 2015 UCI Downhill World Cup.

EuroBike Wednesday CL-7

The latest Orange 324 giving off long low vibes.

EuroBike Wednesday CL-5

The very capable and flash looking Radon Swoop 200 team.

EuroBike Wednesday CL-6

And it’s less bank breaking little sister.

EuroBike Wednesday CL-2

The legend that is Wade Simmonds was on hand to show us the new Carbon downhill machine from Rocky Mountain. More info on the Maiden here.


EuroBike Wednesday CL-1

Holy headset spacer!  Apart from its show build, the KHS bikes are on trend and fast.  Shame we can’t get them in the UK.

EuroBike Devinci Downhill Bike CL-4

This bike can win World Cups, it just didn’t get it this year.  The new Devinci Wilson.

EuroBike Mondraker Downhill Bike CL-3

Both the Mondraker Summum builds for 2016 have some big colour options.

EuroBike Scott Downhill Bike CL-18

Brendogs custom finished Scott Gambler stole the show on the DH bike front.  Looking forward to seeing him send this bike at the Rampage!

EuroBike Wednesday CL-19

Don’t look, nothing to see here.


It wasn’t just new bikes on show, this is one of the Dirt/Orange team bikes for 2o15 dribbled in X Fusion Shocks.


Corsair are back on the map with the Imperium DH bike.  More info here.

Cube Downhill Bike CL-7

Gulf. Does it get any faster?  Cube bikes new Two15 downhill bike.

EuroBike Thursday CL-1

That’s right, Rotwild are still about!

EuroBike Intense CL-27

Shaun Palmers American flag intense went down in the DH history books.  This one probably won’t, but it’s an impressive show piece bringing that iconic bike bang up to date.  Magura even went back down the road of fluro brakes for it.

EuroBike Friday CL-24

The Banshee Legend is here to stay, but with bigger wheels!


EuroBike Friday CL-6

It went fast all year, then it went really fast!  Will this be the bike to have for 2016 after Loic’s season?