Eurobike 13 – Day 4.1

Happy snaps and info on some amazing forks, sexy kit, and the front flip that just ain’t gonna happen.



Magura won an award for the amazing looking eLECT system – available in their new forks, and also as an aftermarket product. Accelerometers in the fork detect changes in the way the bike moves (including free fall) and adjust the dampening accordingly. There is also a wireless bar remote – High Tech meets bike!


POC have some signature helmets for several of their riders, and this stripped down, sexy little number aimed at a lower price point.


Mountain bike specific sunglasses, again from the Swedish brand.


The knee pads get a hard shell for 2014.


This 16L pack with optional back protector features a pull out “nest” that will hold a full facer.


For 2014 POC launch a women’s line in a range of colours. The DH jerseys have also had an overhaul and feature a totally different fabric.


The Banshee Rune now comes with three build options, available through Ison Distribution.


Banshee Legend has been getting very refined over the years, now it’s a proved low fast and stylish race bike.


A dirt jump contest was running for most of the afternoon in the central area keeping the crowds happy.


Scott were displaying a road frameset that weighed less than 1kg!


Troy Lee had their A1 trail helmet on display. Their manikins don’t look stoked though.

IMG_2249 IMG_2254

Michelin were showing off the Rock’r2, a trail tyre for wet conditions that has been developed with Fabien Barell. Available in two compounds and three sizes, it’s sure to be a popular choice.

Angry Superfan of the Day!

Walking past the queue at the 5.10 booth for the Danny MacAskill signing session on the way to write this, an angry German man grabbed me by the bag, pulled me back and snarled “If you don’t go back, I’ll make you” convinced I was going to push in front of him, and he was deeply angry that I was walking closer to Danny Mac than him. This must cement Danny as the most famous mountain biker of all time?



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