End Chain Slap and STFU!

Our products are designed in Whistler in collaboration with downhill mountain bike legend, Chris Kovarik. Chris, also known as Karver, has been a strong figure in the mountain bike world since he first appeared on the World Cup DH racing scene in 1998. Under his belt he holds several National, International and World Cup wins as well as track records and countless podium appearances at all levels of the sport. Chris’s aggressive riding style makes him a favourite with the media and his skills on a bike are owed to his natural ability and years of dedication and experience.

Silent technology

Chris has always put his bikes and equipment to the test and continues to do so on a regular basis. And after many years of fine-tuning his machines, he began to search for ways to eliminate noise. Experimenting with zip ties, velcro, strips of rubber, PVC piping, rubber O rings, fork bumpers and other materials he could find, the idea for the STFU devices was born. But it wasn’t until last year that Chris got to chatting with friend, engineer and now business partner, Jaan Hurditch, to begin to create a reality out of this idea.

For years I have experimented with the idea of improving how things work on my bikes. Small tweaks and changes that make things run smoother, quieter, lighter and more efficient. The STFU chain damping devices are what we are focusing on first and I am stoked to finally bring some of my ideas to life.—Chris Kovarik

The complete range of STFU drivetrain damping devices is designed to keep your bike running quiet and efficient while minimizing wear. The STFU drive-train units contain your chain when things get rough, preventing chain slap and noise from your frame while also preventing your chain from over-extending sideways which decreases wear and extends chain life.

Under tension from pedaling the chain remains completely clear of the STFU units for complete efficiency. The STFU dampers are fully custom height adjustable to fit most chain-stay designs

The STFU creates two soft rubber impact points instead of your entire chain or seat stay. Less surface area means less noise. In most cases, the chain no longer contacts the bike frame at all. These contact points are much closer to the chains original position so it has less distance to accelerate so it impacts with less speed, less force and less associated noise.
The STFU also contains your chain in all directions so prevents it hitting the inside of your swing arm, your seat stay as well as your chain stay. It also helps prevent the chain from extending side to side which actually makes your chain last longer, especially on DH bikes but also Trail bikes. A big component of chain wear is actually too much sideways flex, you need some for your drivetrain to work but too much leads to poor shifting performance as the chain just flexes between your derailleur pulley and cassette so takes longer to shift instead of crisply forcing the chain up or down a gear
.—Jaan Hurditch

Quick Features
-Optimal durometer rubber for maximum sound damping and durability
-Trim to length for custom fit on most bikes
-Light weight and silent

The units are sold as a combination of 2 devices for 7 speed DH bikes(DH07), 10 speed DH bikes(DH10)and the Trail version for trail bikes with 1x gearing and cassettes up to 50T.

Both the DH07 and DH10 versions are available to purchase now. Pre-sales of the Trail version are being offered at a discount as it is in the last stages of testing and will ship later this fall. More details and Installation Instructions can be found on the STFU Bike website. Visit www.stfubike.com to shut your bike up!