Cube Bikes 2018 Launch #3

Cube Bikes Factory Tour –

When I was invited out to see the 2018 range of bikes from the Euro giants Cube, the prospect of a factory tour was an exciting one.

This huge facility usually assembles in the region of 2500 bikes a day, working on a 2 shift pattern per day. This number can increase up to 4000 a day at peak times, as and when demand increases.

No photography is allowed in the factory/assembly line so Cube kindly gifted us a set of photos for us to use.

This new factory is a whopping 42,000sqm and is already at capacity. Cube are now looking at expanding yet again. Stock levels here can reach up to 100,000 built bikes waiting to be shipped out, they take up a lot of space.

Cube bikes aren’t manufactured here at the factory, they’re made elsewhere and shipped here for assembly.

Cube choose to have all the parts delivered to them separately as the shipping works out cheeper to post lots of little boxes, rather than fewer large ones. This works well for the local town as Cube employs over 600 people, many from the local town of Waldershof.

Another reason that Cube choose to assemble their bikes in house is that it gives them greater flexibility. Rather than having to order complete bikes by the hundred, they can choose to just assemble a much smaller number as and when they need them.

eBikes accounted for 25% of total sales last year, of those, 60% were mountain bikes. Cube’s total eBike sales were 100,000 last year, up from 30,000 the year before. They’re expecting similar growth again this year. The rise of the eBike continues…..

Well, that’s it from our brief tour of the Cube assembly line. Next up will be our more in depth look at the 2018 Cube Hanzz, which I was lucky enough to get out on their local trails. Watch this space…..


Words – Chris Lazenby

Photos – Curtesy of Cube Bikes.

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