Core Bike 16 – Bonus

Our final round up of last weekends Core Bike Show with some Leatt stuff, Spank kit, Lapierre and Nukeproof


Leatt was started by Dr Chris Leatt after he witnessed his friends accident, the incident played on his mind so greatly it motivated him to go on and develop the first stand alone neck brace. They now produce a huge range of protection products from neck braces to gloves. The Airflex knee and elbow pads above are some of the lightest I’ve ever come across, while still offering Level 1 impact protection. The elbow pads weigh 110g and are £59.99, the knee pads are 120g and are £64.99.


The DBX Enduro Lite pack looks great from what I saw. Waterproof, welded seams, level 1 back protector, 5L capacity (2L hydration and 3L storage), tool storage and it comes with hydration system. They also do a smaller version with 3L capacity.


The Leatt Airflex gloves have protection properties to match the rest of their range. The knuckle pads pass motorbike impact tests and the nano-grip palm is super tough and even claims to gain grip in the wet.


Lots of technology goes into Leatt lids, this includes (but not limited to) – Turbine technology, this helps reduce concussion by reducing head movement in the helmet and they also absorb some impact. In Molded V-Foam, this foam construction helps dissipate the impact across the head, this in turn allows for less depth of foam and an overall smaller helmet. A 10% smaller helmet shell transfers up to 20% less rotational forces to the brain. These are available with a composite shell for £279.99 or carbon for £359.99. We hope to have one on test in the near future so we’ll bring you full details then.

CoreBike.IXS.CL-1 CoreBike.IXS.CL-3


Spank have been playing about with many different rim widths to find the largest optimum possible to work with the wide range of tyres now available. They have their own in-house facilities to help them experiment with these different sizes, this means we get a well tested product at the end.



A lot of people have their own opinions on handlebars, alloy or carbon. Some people still don’t want to trust carbon. It’s a popular thought that carbon is more forgiving when it come to vibrations. Spank have done plenty of testing and hive come to the conclusion that it isn’t large repetitive hits that creates arm-pump. Instead their tests show that it is exposure to a certain high frequency vibration over a long period of time. This closed cell foam core helps dampen that vibration between the stem and the grips. I hope to have some on test soon and will be giving you feedback then.


CoreBike.Spank.CL-1 CoreBike.Spank.CL-3

These new pedals from Spank are available in 3 different widths to tailor for different feet sizes. Quite rightly, Spank don’t assume that one sized platform will be right for everyone.


The Vigilante from WTB is their new premier All Mountain tyre, aimed at enduro racers. Rather than a spurious range of named compounds, they’ve tried to keep it simple. The three different options are named – Tough/Fast Rolling, Tough/High Grip and Light/High Grip. The tough and light weight correspond to the sidewalls, fast rolling and high grip refer to the compound.


There are now a few different products on the market to help you with seating your tubeless tyres. The one from Topeak allows you to build the pressure in the reservoir to the desired amount. This is then released via the valve into the tyre. There is also a small bleed valve to reduce it back down to the required pressure.

CoreBike.Lapierre.CL-4 CoreBike.Lapierre.CL-2 CoreBike.Lapierre.CL-1

Lapierre have gone all high tech and are offering this, the computer reads what is happening to the forks at the front and then sets up the shock accordingly. The forks take a big hit, the shock is set up for ready. The bike detects you’re climbing up a hill, both front and rear suss is set up for pedalling. Using accelerometers, once you start to point the bike back downhill again, you guessed it, the suspension is ready.





The gorgeous new Nukeproof Scalp as seen at Fort William WC last year.



Nukeproof were keen to show that their bikes are also available with an option of builds, not just as frames.





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