Core Bike 2013 – Part 2

Part 2 from the Core Bike show and we take a look at the new Hope bars and grips, electronic suspension, Fox Rampage Pro Carbon, Leatt and TSG…

Hope have extended their product portfolio once again, these guys are always hard at work. Controls are the main wave of new products including handle bars and grips. The bars are a little different than a normal Hope product in the fact these are not produced in-house like most of their products. That’s not to say they haven’t been made exactly to Hope spec though using all their knowledge to create what should be a great product.

The bars are 800mm wide designed to be cut to size and are available in 10, 20 and 30mm rise. The finish is aimed to match up nicely with your Kashima forks and they look the dogs on this Orange. Get your wallets ready for release in May.

Hope have a new lock-on grip coming to the market as well, which is fully made in the UK. Rather than having the collars on the outside of the grip these are on the inside meaning you have grip right up to the end of your bar, around an extra 10mm compared to you regular lock-on. They look neat and should be nice and comfy for people who like to hug the end of the bar. Grips are £25 and will be released in Grey, White, Red and Green in April this year.

The F20 Hope pedals are one to look at for a platform which is going to keep on going. These flats have 1 bush and three bearings with a shed load of seals to make sure all the crap stays right out. The platform has a slight concave with 20 pins that can be removed from the back, meaning they should never get stuck once the inevitable happens and they bend after you smash them into some rocks.

Last up are the Hope Jockey wheels to make any mech look special. Fitted with a proper bearing and silky smooth seals these are a lightweight and robust upgrade.

The new Fox Rampage Pro Carbon full face helmet is here and it’s a banger. With a whopping 17 vents, coolmax liner, carbon shell and over 3 years worth of development this helmet provides an impressive spec list. We think this is probably the best looking full face lid about currently, expect this to be all over the scene soon. Pictured is Josh ‘Rat Boy’ Bryclands’ new Monster paint job in matt black, this new lid has even got Josh out of an MX lid.

Lappierre and Ghost now have some interesting electric suspension in production offered as an upgrade on their bikes for between £250-£300. In simple terms, the system uses an accelerometer on the fork to work out the terrain you are hitting, there is also a cadence meter in the BB check out your power input. In turn it will then adjust the rear shock through its two settings. The idea behind this is to make you ride faster, your suspension will be doing what it needs to on certain terrain without you needing to switch a button.

The Leatt brace range has a little extra feature for 2013. There is now a slit in the front of the brace, this is designed to take pressure of your sternum in a crash. The expensive Leatt Pro Carbon brace has a massive price reduction for 2013 to from the £600 mark down to £399.

Leatt are making the jump into more protection gear for 2013 with a range of upper body armor in a neat lycra fit and knee/elbow pads all using 3DF (impact foam) and certified highly to CE2.

BMX riders have been getting into these retro lids recently, well known lid makers TSG have put one together called the Dawn that will actually help your head in a crash. Is this the latest fashion we are seeing come through?

Expanding their range further is TSG’s helmet for the Enduro market, the Substance.

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