Core Bike 2011

Southerndownhill take a look at some on the product at this years Core Bike show…


The guys at Thomson are definitely in line for the most trick anodising on a mountain bike part award with their new seatposts. They soak the chemicals into the metal and then anodise them, to produce incredibly detailed finishes. They do lose a few marks for bringing the Stars and Stripes rather than the Union Jack ones they’ve done recently though…



Renthal have increased all their bars to 780mm wide, it makes a lot of sense as it’s as wide as anyone could need and you can always crack out the trusty hacksaw made easier with further width markings. They have also added a new 10mm rise flavour to get your front end that bit lower.


ODI Steven Murray Stay Strong grips

It’s now been nearly four years since his horrific crash and it’s good to see that people’s thoughts are still with him. These are pretty sweet, thin BMX-style grip too.



TSG were showing off the new designs for their Staten lid.


There were a few new bits on show from Gusset. They were very excited about their new pedals – these have been designed by them from the ground by them – and they’re light. Really light. The cromo version is set to retail at £89 and the featherweight ti version will be a bit more.

For us the real star of the show would have been their new crank system. Unlike traditional three piece cranks these don’t have bosses, the ring attaches to the axle. Unfortunately the arms were held up in production, but anything made of Reynolds 853 gets our attention. It’s a big claim (and one we’ll definitely want to put the scales to), but they reckon their new system will be lighter and stiffer than the new XTR cranks. Their new handlebar colours also win some kind of prize for the brightest handlebar ever made, but somehow they’ve managed to make it look pretty cool.



White Brothers

You might have seen the sweet video of them testing these Loop forks a few months back. In the flesh they look pretty cool. It’s all real simple with a compression and a rebound adjuster, but White Brothers forks were always well damped, so these could be a bit of a hit. They should weigh in at £600 when they hit the streets later this year.



Is this the most pimp mountain bike wheel you’ll see this year? Easton’s incredible (and equally expensive) carbon Haven wheels. They reckon that in a strike test these will withstand hits that would destroy their aluminium equivalent. They come with a two year, no questions asked warranty too. Is it just us that’s wondering how they’d fare on a downhill bike? (Although at a couple of grand for a set it wouldn’t be a cheap gamble.)



Hope had these prototype cranks on show. Unfortunately they wouldn’t tell us anything more about them…

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