CORE 2019 – Bergamont Contrail Elite with “StashBox”

We checked out Bergamont’s trail bike the Contrail Elite. 

Words & Photos- Emyr Davies

This 130mm 29er looks set to be suited well for all-around British hacking. Hacking?  You know a bit of this, a bit of that, slam a rut here, lap of a trail centre there, and a few hucks to flat for good measure – hacking.contrail

We like the badass air force one type of vibes off this bike. Subtle base colours and some kick-ass orange logos and flashes make for a modern paint job.Bergamont Core 19

One thing we really liked about the Contrail was the “stash toolbox”. That includes a mini tool kit standard hidden in the frame. You will never have to ask your mate Dave to borrow his multi-tool again! Bergamont stash box CORE

A low top tube and some sleek graphics. NOICE!Bergamont Core 19

You can run it at 27.5 and 29er but we reckon the 29er would be the one.

Comes in at  £3799.00 which is a decent price too.

More info here-

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