CORE 19- Best Bits. New Panaracer tyre, Clever Halo tubeless Valve, ARD tyre system, Sam Hill’s bike,

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Here is some stuff we found interesting…

Words & Photos- Emyr Davies

Panaracer looks like they have finally (like most of the other tyre manufactures) gone for the tried and proven classic high roller and minion tread pattern. Nothing wrong with that. We are keen to get our hands on a set to see if Panaracer’s years of experience make their rubber compound and sidewall carcass better than what’s out there. Panaracer tyre CORE 19

Maybe slightly different to a Minion, more like a specialized butcher? Both work well though. Panaracer tyre

Fair play to Panaracer for going for a proven tread and seeing what they can do to improve it. Sometimes designers get crazy with tyres and make mental tread patterns just to be different.

A good example are these below! I mean look how mental they are! No cornering edge! 10 points if you can name the tyre in the comments.

Nukeproof had their ARD tyre puncture system on display. I know there’s a million and one of these on the market now, but I think Nukeproof have done well here.

This stuff is pretty tough foam and the shape means it won’t fold over when you hit a turn hard. Unlike flat square shaped ones, this one will keep your tyre from burping and stop it from dinging when you hit that big rock.

nukeproof ARD tyre insert core 19

nukeproof ARD tyre insert core 19

Sam Hill’s bike was on display. So just because he’s Sam Hill, here you go, look.

Has Sam made hand guards cool?

nukeproof mega sam hill core 19

Trick mudguard graphics. 

nukeproof mega sam hill core 19

Sam runs an Air shock on his carbon Mega,nukeproof mega sam hill core 19

Halo showed us a very cool, tubeless valve. Where you can use the lockring to pull the core out. Very handy if you ever need better airflow to seat your tyre, especially in the middle of nowhere without tools with a gas canister and hand pump.

Halo valve CORE 19Halo valve CORE 19Halo valve CORE 19

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